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All abstracts by Karsten M. Haase in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) PETM Onset Triggered by Intense Volcanism in the North Atlantic Revealed by Tellurium
Baumann NB, Regelous M, Regelous A, Adatte T, Thibault N, Schultz BP & Haase KM

(2023) Systematic Geochemical Variations in the Upper Deccan Lavas: Implications for the Magmatic Plumbing System
Hoyer PA, Haase KM, Regelous M & Fluteau F

(2023) Tellurium in Maastrichtian-Danian Sediments: The Main Phase of Deccan Volcanism Spans the K-Pg Boundary and Lasted for 600 kyr
Regelous M, Adatte T, Baumann NB, Khozyem H, Regelous A & Haase KM

(2023) Young Off-Axis Boninitic Volcanism at the Valu Fa Ridge (Lau Basin) Indicates Depleted Hydrous Mantle beneath the Back-Arc
Myeong B, Haase KM & Regelous M

(2022) Fluid Evolution in the Cu-Mo ±Re ±Au Porphyry System of Maronia, NE Greece: Insights from the Chemistry of Pyrite, Molybdenite and Quartz
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Voudouris PC, Hohl M & Klemd R

(2022) Vertical and Temporal Fluid Evolution Recorded by Sulfide Trace Elements: Insights from the Epithermal Profitis Ilias Au Deposit, Milos Island, Greece
Grosche A, Denkel K, Klemd R, Keith M, Haase KM, Voudouris PC & Alfieris D

(2022) Magmatic Volatile Influx and Fluid Boiling in Submarine Caldera-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems, Niuatahi Volcano, Tonga Rear-Arc
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Sporer C, Bach W, Klemd R, Strauss H, Storch B, Peters C, Rubin K & Anderson MO

(2021) The Rio Grande Rise is a Large Igneous Province, not a Detached Microcontinent
Hoyer PA, Haase KM, Regelous M, O'Connor JM, Homrighausen S & Geissler WH

(2021) Evolution from Subduction Initiation to Mature Island Arc Volcanism in the Upper Eocene to Middle Miocene Vitiaz Arc, SW Pacific: Evidence from Malekula Island (Vanuatu)
Schneider KP, Haase KM & Pelletier B

(2021) Refining Material Transport in the Mantle Wedge of the Northernmost Tonga Island Arc
Storch B, Regelous M, Noebel K, Bauer J & Haase KM

(2021) Effects of Variable Subduction Components on Island Arc and Rear-Arc Magma Compositions: An Example from the Kermadec Arc
Myeong B, Haase KM & Regelous M

(2021) Volatile and Precious Elements in Plutonic and Volcanic Rocks: Implications for Epithermal- and Porphyry-Style Mineralisation, Western Thrace, NE Greece
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Voudouris PC & Regelous M

(2021) Source Variations in Volatile Contents between Bransfield Strait and Phoenix Ridge, Antarctica
Anderson DW, Saal A, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase KM, Mallick S & Wang J

(2021) Trace Elements in Pyrite from Porphyry Cu Mineralizations in Young Island Arcs, Koloula Igneous Complex, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Keith M, Haase KM, Chivas AR & Klemd R

(2021) Boiling Effects on Trace Metal(loid)s and Sulfur Isotopes in Shallow-Submarine Base Metal Sulfides, Milos Island, Greece
Schaarschmidt A, Haase KM, Klemd R, Keith M, Voudouris PC, Alfieris D & Wiedenbeck M

(2021) Tellurium and Related Element Fractionation in Porphyry-Epithermal Systems, Limnos Island, Greece
Börner F, Keith M, Bücker J, Voudouris PC, Klemd R & Haase KM

(2020) Source Variations in Bransfield Strait and Relation to Nearby Phoenix Ridge
Anderson DW, Saal AE, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase KM, Mallick S, Wang J & Boesenberg JS

(2020) Rapid Change in Deccan Volcanism Triggered by Delamination Prior to Chicxulub Impact
Hoyer PA, Regelous M, Haase KM & Fluteau F

(2020) Enrichment of Water and Fluid-Soluble Trace Elements in the Troodos Ophiolite: Evidence for a Near-Trench Origin
Woelki D, Michael P, Regelous M & Haase K

(2020) Is the Rio Grande Rise a Large Igneous Province or a Microcontinent?
O'Connor JM, Hoyer PA, Haase KM, Regelous M, Homrighausen S, Geldmacher J & Geissler W

(2020) The Influence of Wrench Tectonics on Submarine Volcanism in the NE Lau Basin (Tonga)
Norris-Julseth C, Anderson M, Rubin K, Haase K, Hannington M, Stewart M & Baxter A

(2020) Upper-Mantle Provinces at the Rodrigues Triple Junction, Indian Ocean
Meyzen C, Jacques G, Schwarz-Schampera U, Hauff F, Regelous M & Haase K

(2019) Melting Processes and Fluid Enrichment in Mantle Rocks of the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Hoyer PA, Woelki D, Regelous M & Haase KM

(2019) Geochemical Mapping of a Paleo-Subduction Zone beneath the Troodos Ophiolite
Woelki D, Regelous M, Haase K & Beier C

(2019) Geochemical Evolution of Hawaiian Magmatism from 49 Ma to 25 Ma
Regelous M, Huang S, Haase K, Hauff F, Hoernle K & O'Connor J

(2019) Melting Dynamics along Backarc Spreading Axis
Schoenhofen MV, Beier C, Haase KM, Regelous M, Turner SP & Brandl PA

(2019) Using Hf Isotopes to Trace Mantle Dynamics in the Tonga Arc – Lau Backarc System
Storch B, Regelous M & Haase KM

(2019) Magma Transport beneath Serreta Ridge and Santa Bárbara Volcano, Azores
Romer RHW, Beier C, Haase KM, Klügel A & Hamelin C

(2015) The Geochemical Evolution of Oceanic Intraplate Volcanoes
Kemner F, Beier C & Haase K

(2015) Crust Formation in the New Hebrides Arc
Haase K, Lima S, Gress M & Beier C

(2015) The Troodos Ophiolite was Probably Formed at a RTT/RTF Triple Junction
Regelous M, Haase K, Beier C, Brandl P, Keith M & Weinzierl C

(2015) Tectonic Controls on MORB Melting from Correlated Peridotite-Basalt Compositions
Weinzierl C, Regelous M & Haase K

(2015) The Impact of Subducted Slab Components on Back-Arc Melting
Beier C, Turner S, Regelous M & Haase K

(2015) Temperature Controlled Trace Element Variations in Pyrite within the Skouriotissa Sulfide Deposit, Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Keith M, Haase K, Klemd R, Krumm S & Strauss H

(2014) Magmatism in the Southern New Hebrides Arc-Coriolis Backarc
Beier C, Lima SM & Haase KM

(2014) Past Plate and Mantle Motion from New Ages for the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain
O'Connor J, Steinberger B, Regelous M, Koppers A, Wijbrans J, Haase K, Stoffers P, Jokat W & Garbe-Schoenberg C-D

(2013) Low-T Hydrothermal Fluid Evolution
Weinzierl C, Bach W, Böhm F, Regelous M & Haase K

(2013) Reconstructing Subducted Sediment Fluxes Using Ancient Arc Lavas
Regelous M, Beier C & Haase K

(2013) Crustal Evolution and Petrogenesis of Silicic Plutonic Rocks within the Oman Ophiolite – Petrological and Geochemical Investigations
Freund S, Erdmann M, Koepke J, Hauff F & Haase K

(2013) Geodynamic Implications from Element Fluxes in the Tonga-Lau System
Beier C, Regelous M & Haase KM

(2013) Ocean Drilling: MORB Geochemistry in the Third (and Fourth) Dimension
Brandl PA, Regelous M, Beier C & Haase KM

(2013) Trace Element Systematics of Pyrite from Submarine Hydrothermal Vents
Keith M, Häckel F, Haase K, Schwarz-Schampera U, Klemd R & Petersen S

(2013) Constraining the Nature of the Western Azores Mantle Source Using Pb-Hf-Os Isotope Systematics
Genske F, Beier C, Turner S, Stracke A & Haase K

(2012) Tracing Seawater-Rock Interaction in Slow Spreading Oceanic Crust: Precise Chlorine Measurements in MORB by Microprobe
van der Zwan FM, Fietzke J, Devey CW, Almeev RR & Haase KM

(2012) O Isotopes in the Azores: Mantle Melting Versus AFC
Genske F, Beier C, Krumm S, Haase K & Turner S

(2012) Mesozoic MORB
Brandl PA, Regelous M, Beier C & Haase KM

(2012) Recycled Material in MORB Sources: Os Isotopes and HSE in the Fossil Galapagos Rise Lavas
Luguet A, Haase K & Regelous M

(2011) Oceanic Basalts Provide a Biased View of Mantle Composition
Regelous M, Haase K & Brandl P

(2011) Sediment Melt Flux into the Melting Zone of the Northernmost Tonga Island Arc
Haase K, Regelous M & Beier C

(2011) Chemical Heterogeneities along the South Atlantic Mid-Ocean-Ridge (5-11°S): Shallow or Deep Recycling of Ocean Crust?
Hauff F, Hoernle K, Kokfelt TF, Haase K, Garbe-Schönberg D & Werner R

(2011) Lithospheric Control on Geochemical Composition of the Louisville Seamount Chain
Beier C, Regelous M, Mahoney J, Vanderkluysen L & Haase K

(2011) Plume-Ridge Interaction: Constraints on Melting Dynamics from the Azores and Iceland
Genske FS, Beier C, Turner SP, Haase KM & Schaefer BF

(2011) Chemical Evolution of MORB: New Insights from Old Crust
Brandl PA, Regelous M & Haase KM

(2011) Felsic Magma Generation in the Oceanic Crust: A Geochemical Study of Pacific Antarctic Rise Lavas
Freund S, Haase K, Beier C & Regelous M

(2011) δ18O and Cl/Nb Evidence for Fractional Crystallization Origin of Silicic Island Arc Magmas
Krumm S, Haase K, Regelous M & Joachimski M

(2009) Lithium Isotope Signatures of Mantle Domains
Krienitz M-S, Garbe-Schönberg C-D, Romer RL, Meixner A & Haase K

(2008) The Mode of Plume-Ridge Interaction: Constraints from He, Ne, Ar Isotope and Abundance Systematics
Stroncik NA, Niedermann S, Haase K, Hoernle K, Hauff F & Werner R

(2008) The Chlorine Isotope Signature of Mantle Endmembers
John T, Layne G & Haase K

(2007) Sub-Segment Scale Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near Ascension Island from Combined Hf-Nd-Sr Isotope Evidence
Paulick H, Münker C & Haase K

(2007) Helium and Neon Isotopes as Mantle Tracers
Stroncik N, Niedermann S & Haase K

(2005) Does Fluid-Induced Eclogitization of Slab Crust Generate Arc Signatures?
John T, Scherer EE, Haase K & Schenk V

(2004) Variation of the Slab Input and its Effects on Partial Melting along the Kermadec Arc
Haase K, Worthington T & Stoffers P

(2004) Is the Slab Component in Arc Magmas Produced by Fluid-Induced Eclogitisation of Subducted Lower Oceanic Crust?
John T, Scherer E, Haase K & Schenk V

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