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All abstracts by Richard M. Gaschnig in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Temporal Evolution of the Upper Continental Crust Revealed by Potassium Isotope Geochemistry of Glacial Diamictites
Teng F-Z, Huang T-Y, Rudnick R & Gaschnig RM

(2023) The Copper Isotope Composition and Evolution of the Continental Crust as Revealed by Glacial Diamictite Composites
Savage PS, Gaschnig RM & Rudnick R

(2023) Constraints on Fluid-Mineral Partitioning of Thallium during High-Pressure Metamorphism
Rader ST, Adams C, Gaschnig RM & Bebout GE

(2022) The Role of Continental Crust in the Global Halogen Cycle: Insights from Halogen Concentrations (F, Cl, Br, and I) of Ancient Glacial Deposits
Han P-Y, Rudnick RL, He T, Marks MAW, Wang S-J, Gaschnig RM & Hu Z-C

(2022) The Si Isotope Evolution of the Crust Recorded by Ancient Glacial Diamictites
Murphy M, Savage PS, Gardiner N, Prave T, Gaschnig RM & Rudnick R

(2022) Thallium Behavior within Subduction Zone Metamorphism and Related Metasomatic Processes
Rader ST, Gaschnig RM, Penniston-Dorland SC & Bebout GE

(2021) Molybdenum Isotope Systematics in the High-P/T Schistes Lustr├ęs and at Lago di Cignana: Investigation of Partitioning and Isotopic Fractionation during Subduction Zone Metamorphism
Marshall SJ, Gaschnig RM, Stegner CJ, Rader ST & Bebout GE

(2021) The Zirconium Isotope Composition of the Mantle and Upper Continental Crust Through Time
Tian S, Moynier F, Inglis E, Rudnick RL, Huang F, Chauvel C, Gaschnig RM, Creech J & Puchtel IS

(2021) Molybdenum Behavior during Subduction Zone Metamorphism in the Catalina Schist
Stegner CJ, Marshall SJ, Gaschnig RM, Rader ST & Bebout GE

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