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All abstracts by Vickie C. Bennett in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Ti and Fe Isotopic Signatures of Basalt Melting and Crustal Reworking in Archean Granitoids
Zhang ZJ, Dauphas N, Johnson A, Aarons SM, Bennett VC, Nutman A, MacLennan S & Schoene B

(2023) Heterogeneous Hadean Chemical Evolution Revealed by 142Nd, 143Nd and 176Hf Isotopic Variations in Meso-Eoarchean Terranes, Southwest Greenland
Bennett VC, Nutman A, Friend CRL, Jenner FE & Steenfelt A

(2022) Geochemical and Petrochronological Investigation of >3.5 Ga Orthogneisses from the East Pilbara Terrane
Murphy DT, Allen CM, Wiemer D, Wenham L, Schrank C, Caulfield J & Bennett VC

(2022) Tracking Hadean Chemical Domains in Time and Space Using Neodymium-142 Isotopic Signatures Measured from Southwest Greenland Terranes
Bennett VC & Nutman A

(2021) Hydrothermal Circulation and Volatile Distribution in The Oman Ophiolite
D'Andres J, Kendrick MA & Bennett VC

(2021) Discovering the Early Earth from the Oldest Rock Records
Bennett VC

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