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All abstracts by Yves Gelinas in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Variation In Faecal Stanol Concentrations In Neotropical Lakes and Implications For Ancient Maya Population History
Keenan B, Douglas P, Imfeld A, Gélinas Y, Breckenridge A & Johnston K

(2019) Exploring the Affinity and Selectivity of Sedimentary Mackinawite (FeS) 
Towards Natural Organic Matter
Gelinas Y, Balind K, Picard A & Tétreault A

(2018) Behaviour of Submarine Groundwater Discharge-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter Fluxes to Coastal Ocean
Hébert A-J, Chaillou G & Gélinas Y

(2017) Photochemical Mineralization of Biologically Non-Labile Terrigenous DOC to Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Coastal Waters
Aarnos H, Gélinas Y, Kasurinen V, Gu Y, Puupponen V-M & Vähätalo A

(2016) Natural and Anthropogenic Methane Fluxes in a Non-Exploited Shale Gas Area in Québec, Canada
Pinti DL, Gélinas Y, Moritz A, Larocque M & Sano Y

(2016) Inner-Sphere Covalent Interactions Control the Ferric Organic Carbon Pump in Marind Sediments
Barber A, Brandes J, Leri A & Gélinas Y

(2014) The Rusty Carbon Sink: Mechanism of Iron and Organic Matter Association in Marine Sediments
Lalonde K, Barber A, Mucci A & Gélinas Y

(2014) Probing the Composition of Sediment Organic Matter Using Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy
Barber A, Brandes J & Gélinas Y

(2014) Automation of 13C/12C Ratio Measurement for Freshwater and Seawater DOC Using High Temperature Combustion
Lalonde K, Middlestead P & Gelinas Y

(2013) Light Hydrocarbons and Dissolved Organic Carbon in Shallow Aquifers of the St. Lawrence Lowlands: Concentrations and δ13C Signatures
Moritz A, Gélinas Y, Hélie J-F, Pinti D, Larocque M & Barnetche D

(2013) The Role of Iron in the Diagenesis of Organic Carbon and Nitrogen in Sediments: A Long-Term Incubation Experiment
Barber A, Lalonde K, Mucci A & Gelinas Y

(2013) Probing the Interactions between Iron Oxides and Sediment Organic Matter Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Barber A, Lalonde K & Gélinas Y

(2012) Probing Iron Oxide Interactions with Organic Matter by X-Ray Spectroscopy
Barber A, Leri A, Lalonde K & Gelinas Y

(2012) Environmental Controls on the Reactivity of Sedimentary Organic Matter in the St. Lawrence Estuary
Alkhatib M, Schubert CJ, del Giorgio PA, Gelinas Y & Lehmann MF

(2012) The Rusty Sink: Iron Promotes the Preservation of Organic Matter in Sediments
Gelinas Y, Lalonde K, Mucci A & Ouellet A

(2012) Recovery and Reproducibility of the Conventional and Accelerated Solvent Extraction Methods for Lipid Biomarkers
Moritz AM, Lalonde K & Gelinas Y

(2012) What Remains? Molecular and Spectroscopic Analysis of Non-Hydrolyzable St. Lawrence Estuary Sedimentary Organic Matter
Ibrahim M, Gelinas Y & Simpson A

(2012) Photochemical Alteration of delta13C of Dissolved Organic Matter in Big Rivers
Lalonde K, Vahatalo A & Gelinas Y

(2009) Aerobic Respiration and Hypoxia in the Lower St. Lawrence Estuary: Constraints on Oxygen Sink Partitioning from Stable Isotope Ratios of Dissolved Oxygen
Lehmann MF, Barnett B, Bender ML, Gelinas Y, Gilbert D, Maranger R, Mucci A, Sundby B & Thibodeau B

(2009) Mineral-Solution Partitioning and Sedimentary Organic Carbon Fluxes
Lalonde K, Mucci A & Gelinas Y

(2007) Age and Variability of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the St. Lawrence River
Moingt M, Hillaire-Marcel C, Dever L, Gélinas Y & Barbecot F

(2006) Separation and reactivity of soot and graphitic black carbon
Veilleux M-H & Gelinas Y

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