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All abstracts by Quentin Gautier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Magnesium Carbonate Bearing Minerals –Macroscopic to Nano Scale Experimental Data and Observations
Bénézeth P, Gautier Q, Berninger N, Roncal-Herrero T, Kröger R, Alloyeau D, Mavromatis V, Purgstaller B & Schott J

(2012) Towards a Consistent Quantitative Description of Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution Rates
Schott J, Oelkers E, Benezeth P, Gautier Q, Pokrovsky O, Jordan G & Saldi G

(2012) Kaolinite Precipitation Rates at ph 4 and 25℃
Gudbrandsson S, Mavromatis V, Gautier Q, Bovet N, Schott J & Oelkers E

(2012) How Citrate Slows Magnesite Growth: A High Temperature AFM Study
Berninger U-N, Gautier Q, Jordan G & Schott J

(2011) Magnesite Growth Inhibition by Organic Ligands: Complexation and Adsorption
Gautier Q, Bénézeth P, Jordan G, Berninger U-N & Schott J

(2011) Effect of Aqueous Organic Ligands on Mg-Isotope Fractionation during Magnesite Precipitation
Mavromatis V, Gautier Q, Schott J & Oelkers E

(2009) Effects of Organic Ligands on Magnesite Precipitation Rates
Gautier Q, Saldi G, Bénézeth P, Oelkers E & Schott J

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