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All abstracts by Jessica Ng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Our Strike is Your Fault! Challenges and Opportunities for Academic Unions
Ng J

(2023) Geoscience, Colonialism, and the Energy Transition
Ng J, Brito-Millan M, Guzman Morales J, Harrison E, Quintanilla L & Salomon A

(2023) Excess Air in Noble Gas Data Sets: Systematics and Paleoclimatic Significance
Negele S, Aeschbach W, Seltzer AM, Ng J, Kulongoski JT, Severinghaus JP, Kipfer R & Stute M

(2023) Revisiting Excess Air in Groundwater with a New Hydroclimate Tracer
Ng J, Seltzer AM, Noyes C, Negele S, Tyne RL, Aeschbach W, Kulongoski JT, Johnson HM, Stute M, McIntosh J, Ferguson G & Severinghaus JP

(2023) New Insights into Groundwater Dating from Paired 14C, 4He, and High-Precision 40Ar Measurements in the Columbia River Basalt Aquifer System
Tyne RL, Warr O, Cheng A, Kulongoski JT, McIntosh J, Johnson HM, Hudak MR, Ram R, Ben-Nun Levanon H, Reznik IJ, Adar EM, Ng J & Seltzer AM

(2022) New Noble Gas Isotope Tracers for Groundwater Hydrology
Seltzer AM, Ng J, Kulongoski JT, Stute M, Severinghaus JP, Danskin WR, Gannon R, Stolp BJ, Tyne RL, Johnson HM, Noyes C, McIntosh J, Ferguson G, Bourg IC & Shackleton SA

(2019) High-Precision, Heavy Noble Gas Isotope Ratios in Groundwater Identify Past Water-Table Depth
Seltzer A, Ng J, Kulongoski J, Danskin W, Gannon R, Stute M & Severinghaus J

(2019) Noble Gas Stable Isotope Reconstruction of Background Climatological Water Table Depths: An Indicator of Lithium Mining Impacts
Ng J, Seltzer A & Severinghaus J

(2018) Quantifying Past Water-Table Depths from High-Precision Noble Gas Isotope Ratios in Groundwater
Seltzer A, Ng J, Kulongoski J, Stute M & Severinghaus J

(2017) 2.7-Million-Year-Old Ice from Allan Hills Blue Ice Areas, East Antarctica Reveals Climate Snapshots Since Early Pleistocene
Yan Y, Ng J, Higgins J, Kurbatov A, Clifford H, Spaulding N, Severinghaus J, Brook E, Mayewski P & Bender M

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