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All abstracts by Jiwchar Ganor in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) The Dependence of Gypsum Morphology on the over-Saturation and Ca 2+ /SO 4 2- Ratio of the Precipitating Hyper-Saline Solutions
Reiss AG, Ganor J & Gavrieli I

(2017) Gypsum Precipitation Under Hyper-Saline Conditions: Size, Morphology and Brine Turbidity
Reiss A, Gavrieli I & Ganor J

(2017) What is the Real Depandncy of Albite Dissolution Rate on Deviation from Equilibrium
Gruber C, Zakon Y & Ganor J

(2016) Towards Establishing a Coupled Nucleation and Crystal Growth Rate Law
Rendel P, Gavrieli I, Wolff-Boenisch D & Ganor J

(2015) Gypsum Solubility Under Conditions Relevant to CO2 Geological Storage – Insights from Experimental Data
Rendel PM, Gavrieli I, Wolff-Boenisch D & Ganor J

(2015) Free Energy Dependence of Albite Dissolution Kinetics
Gruber C, Kutuzov I, Zakon Y & Ganor J

(2015) The Combined Effect of Temperature and pH on Albite Dissolution Rate Under Far-From-Equilibrium Conditions
Ganor J, Kutuzov I & Gruber C

(2014) The Carbonate System in Hypersaline Brine: Dead Sea Case Study
Golan R, Gavrieli I, Lensky N, Lazar B & Ganor J

(2014) Gypsum Crystal Growth Kinetics at Elevated Pressures
Rendel PM, Gavrieli I, Wolff-Boenisch D & Ganor J

(2014) Coupling between Dissolution and Precipitation during Chemical Weathering of Albite
Gruber C, Zhu C, Kutuzov I, Zakon Y, Georg B & Ganor J

(2013) The pH of the Dead Sea Brine: Calibrating the Combination Electrode Measurements
Golan R, Gavrieli I, Lazar B & Ganor J

(2013) Resolving the Gap between Laboratory and Field Rates of Weathering
Gruber C, Zhu C, Georg B & Ganor J

(2011) The Co-precipitation of Ra in a Large Scale Evaporitic System
Rosenberg YO, Metz V & Ganor J

(2010) Implications of the New Hypothesis on the Apparent Discrepancy between Field – Lab Feldspar Dissolution Rates on Modeling Reactive Transport in the Critical Zone
Zhu C, Lu P & Ganor J

(2009) The Origin of Fossil Groundwater from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifers in the Middle East: A Multi-Isotope (Ra, B, Sr, S, O, H) Investigation
Vengosh A, Dwyer G, Rimawi O, Al-Zoubi A, Marie A & Ganor J

(2009) Gypsum Precipitation Kinetics in Dead Sea Brine – Seawater Mixtures
Reznik IJ, Antler G, Ganor J & Ittai G

(2009) Radium Co-precipitation in Evaporitic Systems
Rosenberg YO & Ganor J

(2003) Geochemical and Isotopic (Sr, B, O, H) Characterization of Groundwater from the Lower Cretaceous Sandstone Aquifer in the Negev and Arava Valley, Israel
Henig S, Vengosh A, Ganor J & Bullen T

(2003) The Fate of Neopentyl-Halides in a Fractured Chalk Aquifer
Ezra S, Feinstein S, Bilkis Y, Adar E & Ganor J

(2002) Properties of Fly-Ash Synthetic Zeolite NaP1 for Soil Remediation
Cama J, Querol X, Ganor J & Carles A

(2002) Coherency of Surface Protonation Data – Implication from Modelling of Dissolution Experiments
Ganor J, Cama J & Metz V

(2002) Dissolution Kinetics of Smectite Under Acidic Conditions
Amram K & Ganor J

(2002) Dependence of Smectite Dissolution Rate on Deviation from Equilibrium
Metz V, Cama J & Ganor J

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