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All abstracts by Raja S. Ganeshram in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Ocean Deoxygenation and the Marine N Cycle: Prespectives from Nitrate N Stable Isotopes
Ganeshram RS & Tuerena R

(2017) Dissolved Organic Matter Cycling at the West Antarctic Peninsula
Dittrich R, Henley S, Ganeshram R, Cowie G, Mowbray S, Meredith M & Ducklow H

(2017) ENSO and PDO Cycles Since Glacial Times: A 55, 000 Year Record of Inter-Annual and Decadal Variabilities from the Gulf of California
Pichevin L, Ganeshram R, Thurow J & Nederbragt A

(2017) Southern Ocean High-Nutrient, Low-Chlorophyll Status during the Last Deglaciation: Insights from New N and Si Isotope Records
Dumont M, Pichevin L & Ganeshram R

(2016) Relative Impacts of Upwelling, Iron & Ocean Circulation on the Equatorial Pacific CO2 Source over the Last Deglaciation
Pichevin L, Ganeshram R & Sadekov A

(2016) Nitrogen Cycling in Coastal Antarctic Sea Ice and Exchange with the Surface Ocean
Henley S, Ganeshram R, Annett A, Fallick A, Meredith M, Clarke A & Venables H

(2015) N Cycling in the Atlantic: Insights from Nitrate δ15NNO3 & δ18ONO3 Measurements Across the UK-GEOTRACES 40°S Transect
Ganeshram RS & Tuerena RE

(2015) Coupling between Nutrient Biogeochemical Cycles in the Ocean
Pichevin L, Ganeshram R, Geibert W & Squaratti F

(2014) How is the Marine Nitrogen Cycle Responding to Physical Climate Change at the Antarctic Peninsula?
Henley S, Ganeshram R, Annett A & Meredith M

(2014) Tight Coupling between Si and Fe Biogeochemical Cycles in the Ocean: Evidences from Diatom-Bound Proxies
Pichevin L, Ganeshram R, Geibert W, Thunell R & Hinton R

(2013) Nitrogen Isotope Biogeochemistry of the South Atlantic
Tuerena R, Ganeshram R, Fallick T, Dougans J, Tait A & Woodward M

(2011) Diatom-Bound Trace Metals: A Tracer for Past Changes in Micronutrients Availability?
Pichevin L, Geibert W & Ganeshram R

(2008) Molecular and Isotopic Characterization of N-Alkanes in a Humic-Rich, Urbanised Estuary
Ahad J, Slater G, Ganeshram R, Ertunc T & Bryant C

(2008) Resolving the Opal Paradox in the Glacial Eastern Equatorial Pacific: Implications for the Biological Pump of Carbon
Pichevin L, Reynolds B, Ganeshram R & Cacho I

(2006) Reconstructing Biogeochemical Processes in the Near Shore Antarctic Sea Ice Environment
Carson D & Ganeshram R

(2004) Behaviour of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) in a North Sea Estuary: Implications for the Fate of Peat-Derived Carbon
Ahad J, Ganeshram R & Spencer R

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