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All abstracts by Matthew A. Charette in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Subterranean Estuarine Influence on Molybdenum Isotope Cycling
King EK, Horner TJ & Charette MA

(2019) A Geochemical Characterization of the Transpolar Drift: Linking Shelf and Riverine Inputs to the Central Arctic Ocean
Kipp L, Charette M & Geotraces Transpolar Drift Synthesis Team 

(2019) Global Inputs of Dissolved Silica from Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Rahman S, Tamborski JJ, Charette MA & Cochran JK

(2019) Spatial Variability of Inorganic Carbon Export from Intertidal Salt Marshes
Tamborski J, Charette M, Kurylyk B, Henderson P, Gonneea ME, Kroeger K & Wang ZA

(2017) Distribution of Radium-226 along the GA01-GEOTRACES Section in the North Atlantic
Le Roy E, Sanial V, Charette MA, Henderson PB, Lacan F, GarcíaI-ibáñez MI, Pérez FF, Jacquet SHM, Lherminier P, Souhaut M, Jeandel C & van Beek P

(2017) Submarine Groundwater Discharge: A Hidden Pathway of Fukushima Derived Cesium to the Ocean off Japan
Sanial V, Buesseler K, Charette M, Nagao S, Tanaguchi M, Honda H & Casacuberta N

(2017) 227Ac along GEOTRACES Transects in the Deep South Pacific and Preliminary Results for the Arctic
Hammond D, Charette M, Moore W, Henderson P, Sanial V, Kipp L & Anderson R

(2017) Surprises in Iron Cycling at the Peru Margin
Lam PJ, Heller MI, Moffett JW, Till CP, John S, Sanial V, Charette M, Lee J-M, Toner BM & Marcus M

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