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All abstracts by Richard Gaschnig in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Evolution of Upper Continental Crust from 142-Nd in Glacial Diamictites
Horan M, Rudnick R, Carlson R & Gaschnig R

(2019) Thallium Variations during High-Pressure Metamorphism
Rader S, Gaschnig R, Owens J & Bebout G

(2018) The Tl and Cr Isotope Composition of the Upper Continental Crust from the Archean to Present
Gaschnig R, Owens J, Newby S, Reinhard C, Wang X, Asael D, Planavsky N & Rudnick R

(2018) The Vanadium Isotope Evidence for Emergence of Felsic Crust after 3 Ga
Huang F, Tian S, Rudnick R, Qi Y, Wu F, Cai Y & Gaschnig R

(2018) Sulfide Weathering may Have Sustained Methanogenesis Across the Great Oxidation Event
Wasylenki L, Wang S-J, Rudnick R, Gaschnig R & Wang H

(2017) Ni Isotopic Composition of the Upper Continental Crust Through Time
Wang S, Wasylenki L, Rudnick R & Gaschnig R

(2017) Behavior of Mo, U, and Tl Isotopes during Differentiation in the Kilauea Iki System
Gaschnig R, Reinhard C, Owens J, Planavsky N, Wang X, Asael D, Greaney A & Helz R

(2016) Crustal Sources of Molybdenum
Greaney A, Rudnick R & Gaschnig R

(2016) Tracing the Secular Evolution of the Upper Continetnal Crust Using the Iron Isotope Composition of Glacial Diamictites
Liu X-M, Gaschnig R, Rudnick R, Hazen R & Shahar A

(2016) Mo and U Isotope Behavior in the Lesser Antilles Subduction System
Gaschnig R, Reinhard C, Planavsky N, Wang X, Asael D & Chauvel C

(2013) NH4HF<sub>2</sub> – Assisted Digestion of Silicate Rocks for Multi-Element Analysis by ICP-MS: A New Development in Open Vessel Digestion
Zhang W, Hu Z, Liu Y, Chen H, Gao S & Gaschnig RM

(2013) Rapid Bulk Rock Decomposition by Ammonium Fluoride (NH4F) in Open-Vessels by an Elevated Digestion Temperature
Hu Z, Zhang W, Ni Q, Liu Y, Gaschnig R, Zhou L & Zhao L

(2013) Glacial Tillites Reveal Temporal Evolution of Upper Continental Crust
Rudnick R, Gaschnig R & McDonough W

(2013) Molybdenum in Ancient Glacial Tillites of Different Ages and its Bearing on Atmospheric Oxygenation
Gaschnig R, Rudnick R & McDonough W

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