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All abstracts by Aleisha Johnson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Petrology and Re-Os Isotope Geochemistry of Young Arc-Derived Pyroxenites from the Andean Northern Volcanic Zone
Ibanez-Mejia M, Zieman L, Rooney A, Kang P, Ascencio PI, Johnson A, Bloch EM & Pardo-Villaveces N

(2023) Ti and Fe Isotopic Signatures of Basalt Melting and Crustal Reworking in Archean Granitoids
Zhang ZJ, Dauphas N, Johnson A, Aarons SM, Bennett VC, Nutman A, MacLennan S & Schoene B

(2023) Titanium Isotopic Insights into Peralkaline Magma Differentiation
Rego ES, Dauphas N, White J, Johnson A & Zhang ZJ

(2023) Progressive Planetary Oxygenation: Multiple Lines of Evidence Confirm an Archean Oxidation Event at 2.5 Ga
Anbar AD, Buick R, Gordon G, Johnson A, Kendall B, Lyons TW, Ostrander CM, Planavsky NJ, Reinhard CT & Stüeken EE

(2019) Titanium Isotope Fractionation in Kilauea Iki Lava Lake is Driven by the Crystallization of Oxides
Johnson A, Aarons S, Dauphas N, Nie N, Zeng H, Teng F, Helz R, Galli G, Romaniello S & Anbar A

(2018) Solid-Earth Processes are Key Drivers in the Evolution of Earth’s Redox State and Set the Stage for the Great Oxidation Event
Hartnett H, Till C, Anbar A, Glaser D, Guild M, Iacovino K, Johnson A, Leong J & Ostrander C

(2018) Constraints on Earth's Stepwise Oxygenation from Sulfide Oxidation Experiments at Low pO2
Johnson AC, Reinhard CT, Romaniello SJ, Greaney AT, Gregory DD, Lyons TW & Anbar AD

(2016) Mobilizing Molybdenum: Interpreting Archean Oxidative Weathering Signatures
Johnson A, Reinhard C, Romaniello S, Garcia-Robledo E, Revsbech NP, Canfield D, Lyons T & Anbar A

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