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All abstracts by Kyung-Tae Kim in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Temporal Distribution of Metals in Marine Total Suspended Particulate of the Socheongcho Ocean Research Stations (S-Ors) in the Yellow Sea
Kim KT, Ra K, Shim J, Noh JH, Jeong J-Y, Yang W, Lee H, Jeong H, Lee J & Jeong J-M

(2019) Elution Characteristics of Metal from Sulfide Minerals and Environmental Impact of Deep Sea Mining
Jeong H, Lee J, Ra K, Choi JY, Kim K-T, Kim E-S & Hyeong K

(2019) Environmental Impact of Toxic Metal Elution from Manganese Nodule Under a Deep-Sea Mining
Lee J, Jeong H, Ra K, Choi J, Kim K-T, Kim E-S & Hyeong K

(2018) Investigations of Pb and Cu Isotope Signatures to Trace Contamination Sources in the Industrial Area of Korea
Jeong H, Ra K, Lee S-Y, Kim K-T & Kim E-S

(2017) Human Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in PM10 of Road Deposited Sediments (RDS) in the Major Industrial Areas along the Coast of South Korea
Choi JY, Jeong H, Ra K, Lee SY, Won EJ, Kim K-T, Kim KR, Kim ES, Yang DB & Hong GH

(2017) Characteristics of Metal Pollution and Pb Isotopes in Sediments from the Whole Korean Coast
Jeong H, Ra K, Lee S-Y, Kim K-T, Kim E-S, Sun C-I & Kim S-S

(2016) Tracing the Pollution Source Using Pb Isotopes in Sediments of the Coastal Region Surrounding the National Industrial Complex, Korea
Jeong H, Ra K, Kim K-T, Kim E-S & Choi M-S

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