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All abstracts by Eric Ferrage in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Synthesis of Tachyhydrite and Bischofite for Isotopic Calibration Measurements
Gaucher EC, Pichat A, Ferrage E, Lerouge C, Flehoc C & Agrinier P

(2020) Salt Mineralogy and Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Evaporites of the West African Margin
Pichat A, Gindre-Chanu L, Delhaye-Prat V, Gaucher E, Ferrage E & Pedley A

(2019) Water Trapping Dynamics in Carbohydrate-Populated Smectite Interlayer Nanopores: Experiments and Theory
Aristilde L, Kelch S, Ferrage E, Lanson B, Bakker E & Charlet L

(2017) A Classical Polarizable Force Field for the Structure and Dynamics of Water and Cations in Clays and Zeolites
Marry V, Tesson S, Louisfrema W, Salanne M, Rotenberg B, Boutin A & Ferrage E

(2012) Clay-Rock Alteration Experiments at 80Â℃ in Closed and Open Conditions: Application to the Waste Storage
Beaucaire C, Tertre E, Ferrage E, Grenut B, Pronier S & Made B

(2010) Transport and Ion Exchange between Na+ and Ca2+ in Vermiculite: Modeling of Experimental Data Obtained for Static and Stirred Flow-Through Reactor Methods
Tertre E, Pacreau M, Bruzac S, Ferrage E & Prêt D

(2010) Water Organization in Na-Saponite. An Experimental Validation of Numerical Data
Ferrage E, Sakharov BA, Michot LJ, Lanson B, Delville A & Cuello GJ

(2004) Influence of pH on the Hydration State of Ca-Montmorillonite: XRD Profile Modeling Vs Chemical Modeling
Ferrage E, Tournassat C & Lanson B

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