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All abstracts by Susana Fernandez-Bastero in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2007) Oxygen Gas-Phase Formation in Iron Chemical Gardens
Gago-duport L & Fernandez-Bastero S

(2007) Passivating Layer Formation during Glauconite Dissolution: Implications for Mineral Sequestration of CO2
Fernandez-Bastero S & Gago-Duport L

(2004) Sponge-Like Hosted Mineralization on Silica Gardens: Implications for Natural Systems
Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia Diez T, Santos A & Gago-Duport L

(2004) Induced Structural and Compositional Modifications on Glauconite from Dissolution Experiments
Santos A, Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia T & Gago-Duport L

(2004) 3D-Mineral Distribution during the Early Diagenesis in Shallow Marine Sediments from XRD-Rietveld Analysis
Garcia Diez T, Fernandez-Bastero S & Gago-Duport L

(2002) Numerical Modelling of Competitive Nucleation Pathways
Velo A, Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia T, Vilas F, Santos A & Gago-Duport L

(2002) XRD-Rietveld and RMC Analysis of the Aging Process in Glauconites
Fernandez-Bastero S, Gago-Duport L, Garcia T, Velo A, Villar MP & Santos A

(2002) Geochemical Self-Organization of Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Sediments in Estuarine-Like Systems
García T, Gago-Duport L, Fernández-Bastero S, Velo A, Santos A & De la Rosa-Fox N

(2000) Glauconite Nucleation in Silica Tubular Microstructures from Low-Temperature Solution Experiments
Gago-Duport L, Fernandez-Bastero S, Pimentel F, Villar P, Santos A, Serra C & Vilas F

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