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(2021) Mobilization and Isotope Fractionation of Chromium in Ni Laterites, Indonesia
Ito A, Otake T, Yamashita K, Maulana A, Sanematsu K, ; S, Sato T & Tanimizu M

(2019) Leaching Behaviors of Sr from Geopolymer and Cement Embedded Titanate Adsorbent
Soonthornwiphat N, Sato T, Otake T, Kobayashi Y, Chaerun RI, Toda K & Kuroda K

(2016) Smectite and C-S-H Formation Under Hyperalkaline Conditions at Narra in Palawan, Philippines
Shimbashi M, Sato T, Otake T, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Nishimura M, Miyoshi S, Samosa R, Arcilla C, Satoh H & Alexander R

(2016) Hyperalkaline Natural Analogue Potential at Central Palawan in the Philippines
Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T, Shimbashi M, Nishimura M, Miyoshi S, Satoh H, Arcilla C, Samosa R & Alexander R

(2016) Origin of Deep Saline Groundwater Based on Halogen Composition in Tohoku
Togo Y, Kazahaya K, Takahashi M, Takahashi H, Morikawa N, Tosaki Y, Sato T & Horiguchi K

(2015) Melt Extraction and Metasomatism Recorded in Basal Peridotites, Oman Ophiolite
Yoshikawa M, Python M, Tamura A, Arai S, Takazawa E, Shibata T, Ueda A & Sato T

(2009) Origin of the Manleluag Hyperalkaline Hot Spring, Philippines
Vargas E, Pascua C, Honrado M, Arcilla C, Alexander WR, Namiki K, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T & McKinley I

(2009) Smectite and Zeolite Formation from the Pyroclastic Deposits of the Aksitero Formation, Philippines
Honrado M, Pascua C, Vargas E, Arcilla C, Alexander WR, Namiki K, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T & McKinley I

(2009) Reaction Pathways for Rising Hyperalkaline Groundwater in a Bentonite Mine in the Philippines
Arcilla C, Pascua C, Vargas E, Honrado M, Alexander WR, Namiki K, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T & McKinley I

Theme chair

Goldschmidt2020 - Theme 08: Energy and Resources in Service of Society

Session convener

Goldschmidt2016 - Session 15k: Mineral-Water-Organic Interactions: Molecular Simulation, Spectroscopic Approaches, and Implications for Geo-Engineering