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Details for: Kerstin Lehnert

I am Senior Research Scientist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University and director of IEDA (Integrated Earth Data Applications, www.iedadata.org), the NSF data facility for solid earth data. My research focuses on community-driven development of cyberinfrastructure, scientific data management, data publication, and data modeling. My recent focus is on the integration of physical samples into digital data infrastructures. I am currently chair of GSA’s Geoinformatics division, president-elect of AGU’s Earth and Space Science Informatics Focus group, and member of NSF’s Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure.
Note: abstracts are only listed if one of the following email addresses was provided when the abstract was submitted: lehnert@ldeo.columbia.edu. Otherwise, try an advanced search.

(2022) The UCLA Cosmochemistry Database
Zhang B, Warren PH, McKeegan KD, Young ED, Rubin AE, Lehnert KA, Profeta L, Johansson A, Ji P, Figueroa JD & Mays J

(2022) IEDA2: Evolving EarthChem, LEPR/traceDs, and SESAR into a Next Generation Data Infrastructure for Data-Driven Research Paradigms in Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology
Lehnert KA, Profeta L, Ramdeen S, Ji P, Figueroa JD, Cao S, Shane N, Sweets HA, Ustunisik G, Nielsen R, Block K, Grossberg M & Walker JD

(2022) The Astromaterials Data System: Access and Preservation of Past, Present, and Future Data from Planetary Sample Analysis – New Developments
Mays J, Cao S, Downs R, Figueroa JD, Ji P, Johansson A, Morrison SM, Ostroverkhova A, Profeta L, Richard S & Lehnert KA

(2022) GEOROC and EarthChem: Synchronizing Services on the Road to Global Geochemical Data Exchange
Klöcking M, Profeta L, Brase J, Cao S, Figueroa JD, Horstmann W, Ji P, Johansson A, Kallas L, Kurzawe D, Möller S, Mukhumova M, Nieschulze J, Sarbas B, Sturm A, Sweets HA, Willbold M, Wörner G & Lehnert KA

(2022) The OneGeochemistry Initiative
Prent AM, Klöcking M, Profeta L, Lehnert KA, Elger K, Hezel D, ter Maat G & Wyborn LAI

(2022) Vision and Strategies for Astromaterials Data Management and Archiving
Haenecour P, Lehnert KA, Bennett CA, Barnes JJ, Connolly HC, Crombie K, Davidson J, Ebel DS, Gemma M, Heck PR, McCubbin FM, Ogliore RC & Schrader D

(2010) Collaboration of EarthChem and EARTHTIME to Develop a Geochronology and Thermochronology Database
Walker JD, Ash JM, Bowring J, Bowring SA, Deino AL, Kislitsyn R, Koppers AA & Lehnert KL

(2004) Constraints from the Gakkel Ridge on the Origin of MORB
Langmuir C, Michael P, Lehnert K, Goldstein S, Soffer G, Gier E & Snow J

Theme chair

Goldschmidt2020 - Theme 06: New Approaches in Geochemistry: Nanoscale to Big Data
Goldschmidt2017 - Theme 22: Models and data in geochemistry

Session convener

Goldschmidt2019 - Session 02c: Evolution of the Silicate Earth: Celebrating Al Hofmann’s Contributions to Geochemistry
Goldschmidt2019 - Session 02f: Harvesting the Power of Data to Advance Science in Geochemistry, Petrology, and Mineralogy
Goldschmidt2008 - Session 20g: Testing Models and Identifying Processes: New Insights and Discoveries from Use of Geochemical Data Compilations


Goldschmidt2020: Mentor (Mentoring Novakova Lucie, Victoria DA POIAN)