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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Xiong, Xiaolin Not scheduled Solute- and Alkali-Rich Supercritical Fluids Enhance Zr Transfer from Slab to Wedge
High Sulfur Solubility in Hydrous Felsic Magma at Coexistence of Sulfide and Sulfate

Xiong, Yihui Not scheduled Modelling the Singular Mineralization Process due to Fluid Pressure Fluctuations

Xiong, Yongliang Thermodynamic Model for Borate in Elevated Temperature and High Ionic Strength Environments
Solid Transformation of Litharge into Laurionite and Blixite

Xiong, Yongqiang Effect of Carbonate Content on the Petrophysical Propersity of the Wufeng-Longmaxi Shales in the Sichuan Basin, China

Xiu, M. Not scheduled Age ang Provenance of Taipinglinchang Formation from Late Mesozoic in Sunwu-Jiayin Basin of Northeast China:Implication for Regional Tectonic Evolution

Xu, Anming Integrated Comparative Genomic Analysis and Phenotypic Profiling of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from Crude Oil

Xu, Antao Geochemical Behavior of Hafnium in the Amazon River Estuary and its Flux to the Atlantic

Xu, Bo Recycled Volatiles Determine Fertility of Porphyry Deposits in Collisional Settings

Xu, Bu Not scheduled The Absence of Pyruvate Kinase is Essential in Genome Streamlining of Marine Group IIb Archaea
Not scheduled Distinct Metabolic Capabilities of Marine Group II Archaea Adapted to Low-Salinity Estuarine Environments
Magroviruses and Marine Group II Euryarchaeota Co-adaptation to Low Salinity Environment in the Pearl River Estuary

Xu, Buqing Not scheduled Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Analysis (CSRA) of SOA-Related Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere

Xu, Changgui Not scheduled Geochemical and Palynological Characteristics in Marginal Sag—Implications on Hydrocarbon Potential, Depositional Environment and Controls on Organic Matter Enrichment

Xu, Cheng Not scheduled Under-Studied Carbonatites and REE Deposits: The Example of Mongolia
Heavy Rare Earth Element (HREE) Enrichment in Carbonatites: A Case Study from a Xenotime-Bearing Carbonatite REE Deposit in Bachu, Xinjiang of China

Xu, Chenlu Organic Matter δ34S Lighter Than the Pyrite in Cryogenian Datangpo Fm

Xu, Chong

Xu, Decheng Not scheduled Sorption and Desorption Mechanism of Phenanthrene and Nonylphenol on Chlorella Algae and Its Nonhydrolyzable Fractions Isolated with Different Methods

Xu, Deru Not scheduled SHRIMP Zircon U-Pb Age and Geological Significance of Caledonian Granites in Hainan Island (China)

Xu, F. Evidence for a Silicon-Depleted Inner Core: Shear and Compressional Velocities of Fe and Fe-8.6wt% Si up to 216 GPa and 4, 000K

Xu, G. Effects of Mineral Adsorption on Subsurface Gas Transport
Chemistry and Structure of AOT Surfactants on Mica Investigated with Cryogenic Electron Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics
An Isotopically Depleted, Rejuvenated Stage Source Component Widely Distributed in the Hawaiian Plume

Xu, Haijin Not scheduled Decouple between Ti-in-Zircon and Zr-in-Rutile Thermometry during Ultrahigh Temperature Metamorphism (Dabie Orogen, China)

Xu, Haipeng Geochemical Characteristics of Bauxite-Associated High Lithium Claystone in Western Guangxi, China

Xu, Hongwu Thermochemistry of UC and UN
Anomalous Stability of U(IV) Species in Sulfate-Bearing Hydrothermal Solutions
Energetic, Structural and Interfacial Evolutions in Hydration and Dehydration of Minerals with Layered Structures
Direct Numerical Simulations of Coupled Physicochemical and Thermal Processes Involved in Actinide-Fluid Interactions
Synchrotron X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopic Investigation of Uranyl-Chloride Aqueous Solutions at Hydrothermal Conditions
Uranyl Speciation up to 250 ºC in Near-Neutral to Basic Solutions: The Carbonate – Hydroxy Interplay
Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Reveals Pressure-Dependent Methane Trapping in Shale

Xu, Huifang Not scheduled Chemistry and Structures Behind the Brilliant Iridescent Labradorite
Precipitation of Disordered Dolomite Catalyzed by Dissolved Silica

Xu, Huiyuan Not scheduled Geochemical and Palynological Characteristics in Marginal Sag—Implications on Hydrocarbon Potential, Depositional Environment and Controls on Organic Matter Enrichment
Organic-Inorganic Interaction of Hydrocarbons with the Lanping Zn/Pb Ore Deposit, Near the Indo-Eurasian Collisional Margin, Southeastern Tibetan Plateau

Xu, Ji-Feng Recycled Volatiles Determine Fertility of Porphyry Deposits in Collisional Settings

Xu, Jianming Not scheduled The Combination of Nitrogen and Biochar Altered the Feedback Mechanism between Soil Acidification and Cd Availability in Acidic Soils