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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Magalhaes, N. Archean Surface-Derived Contamination in the Plume Source of the Paleoproterozoic Bushveld Large Igneous Province
The Petrology and Sulphur Isotopic Composition of Sulphide and Sulphate in the Kimberley Kimberlites

Magee, R. Days to Weeks of Syn-Eruptive Magma Interaction: High-Resolution Geochemistry of the 2002-03 Branched Eruption at Mount Etna

Mageswarii, G. Evidence of Rift-Related Late Paleoproterozoic Bimodal Volcanism in the Eastern Part of the Son Valley, Central India

Magna, T. Not scheduled Stable Cr Isotope Systematics of Carbonatites from the East African Rift
Not scheduled Mantle Metasomatism and Crustal Contamination in Carbonatites the East African Rift – A Case Study of Sukulu and Tororo (Uganda)
Not scheduled Spatial and Temporal Sr–Nd–Pb Isotope Variability of Cenozoic Alkaline Volcanism in the Bohemian Massif (Central Europe)
Not scheduled VNIR–SWIR Laboratory Remote Sensing Investigation of Carbonatites in Various Tectonic Settings: Implications for Critical Metals
Lu–Hf Isotope Systematics of Carbonatites
Post-Emplacement Hydrothermal Remobilization and Nb–V Enrichment in Amba Dongar Sövites
Tracking Volatile Degassing of an Explosive, Rhyolitic Eruption Using Lithium Isotopes
Petrogenesis of Variscan Ultrapotassic Plutons, Bohemian Massif: Stable Isotope Evidence
Deep Crustal Contamination of the Lithospheric Mantle Source to Variscan Ultrapotassic Magmas – Geochemical and Geodynamic Consequences

Magro, G. Not scheduled Helium Isotopes in 79 a.D. Mt.Somma-Vesuvius Paleofluids

Magyar, J.

Mahaffy, P. Agnostic Polymer Detection in Astrobiological Samples Using Mass Spectrometry and Data-Driven Analysis
The Search for Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere and in Sediments of an Ancient Martian Lakebed

Mahan, B. Volatilized Extraterrestrial Zn Isotope Signatures in Marine and Terrestrial K-Pg Boundary Sites
A Longitudinal Investigation of Metal Accumulation in Brain Regions of Göttingen Minipigs, and a First Glimpse of Ca Isotopes in the Mammalian Brain
Natural Copper Stable Isotopes in the Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Mahdianpari, M. Study of Electrical Potential, Remote Sensing, and Preservation of Biosignatures at Sites of Serpentinization (SERP)

Maher, K. Shifts in Base Cation Sources Across an Incipient, Volcanic Soil Chrono-Climosequence

Mahieu, L. Winter and Spring Trace Metals at the Antarctic Marginal Sea Ice Interfaces

Mahowald, N. African Biomass Burning and Dust are Equally Important Sources of Phosphorus Deposition to the Amazon

Mai, B. Organophosphorus Flame Retardants (OPFRs) in PM2.5 in Urban and E-Waste Recycling Regions in Southern China: Concentrations, Sources, and Emissions
Tracing the Sources and Microbial Degradation of PCBs in Field Sediments by a Multiple-Line-Of-Evidence Approach

Maiauduga, N.A. Geochemical Signatures of Metatexites and Diatexite within Gwarzo Low Grade Metasediments NW Nigeria

Maibaum, L. Tandem Effects of Lipid Head and Tail Chemistry on Clay Wettability

Maier, U. Advancing Understanding, Modeling, and Scaling of Hyporheic Zone Terrestrial Aquatic Interfaces and their Impacts on Watershed Function

Maier, W. Dating Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions by Monazite in Hornfels: The Kabanga Instrusions in the Eastern African Nickel Belt

Maignien, L. Microbial Communities Inhabiting Gas Storage Sites: Analysis of Diversity and Function at Depth

Main, P. Building a Better Geochemical Picture of the Australian Landscape

Mainak, G. Not scheduled Hg Physicochemical Processes at Atmospheric Interfaces, in the Age of Climate Change

Mainami, M. Not scheduled Variability of Protoliths and P-T Conditions of Amphibolites from the Ohmachi Seamount (Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc)

Mairet, S. Not scheduled Assessing Global Exposure to Volcanic Sulfur Dioxide Emissions

Maisch, M. Fe(III) Mineral Formation by Fe(II)-oxidizing Bacteria – Consequences for Removal of Nitrate

Majidzadeh, H. Molecular-Level Soil Organic Matter Composition Under Impervious Surfaces

Majumdar, A. Arsenic Resistance Gene Expression and Microbial Diversity from Altered Irrigated Paddy Soil in Bengal Delta