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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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M. Lawal, A. Assessment of Controls on Pedogenesis and Mineral Nutrients in Agricultural Karst Critical Zones in Guizhou, China and Crete, Greece

Ma, A. Not scheduled Occurrence of Higher Thiadiamondoids and Diamondoidthiols in a Lower Cambrian Oil from ZS1C Well in Tazhong Uplift, Tarim Basin

Ma, Chang-Qian Highly Refractory Ultramafic Complex from Hong’an, Western Dabie Orogen, Central China: Ophiolite or SCLM Fragments?
The Neoproterozoic Fangcheng Nb-Rich Alkaline Rocks, Central China: Magma Origin and Evolution
Terminal Porosity and the Geochemical Detectability of Plutonic Residues of Melt Extraction
Evolution Histories of Transcrustal Magma System Recorded in Crystal Cargo: The Case of Mafic-Felsic Dykes in Northern Tibet

Ma, Chao Not scheduled Geochemical and Palynological Characteristics in Marginal Sag—Implications on Hydrocarbon Potential, Depositional Environment and Controls on Organic Matter Enrichment
Not scheduled The Origin of Bitumen and its Significance of Hydrocarbon Accumulation

Ma, Chi Different Fluid-Rock Interactions on Mars Recorded in Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034 and 7533
Rare Earth Element Analysis of UR CAIs in CV3 Chondrites by SRXRF
Discovery of Meteoritic Calzirtite in Leoville: A New Ultrarefractory Phase from the Solar Nebula

Ma, F. Carbonation Freezing and Mineralogy of the Metasomatized Cratonic Mantle

Ma, Haoran Not scheduled Closed-System Oxygen Isotope Exchange in a Paleoproterozoic Evaporite Sequence
Sulfur Record of Rising in Marine Sulfate Levels 800 Million Years ago

Ma, He Not scheduled Distribution of Biomarkers and Its Record for Paleoclimate in Linxia Basin, NE Tibetan Plateau, NW China
Occurrence of Macrocyclic Alkanes in Hurleg Lake, Northwest China

Ma, He-Zhi Large-Scale Partial Melting of Deeply Subducted Continental Slab during Continental Collision: An Example from the Sulu Orogen

Ma, Hong Hong Not scheduled The Bioavailability of Cadmium and Influencing Factors of Farmland Soil in Karst Areas of Guangxi, China
Not scheduled Assessment of the Environmental Impact of an Abandoned Pb-Zn Mine on Surrounding Soil-Crop System in Southwest China

Ma, Honghong Not scheduled Translocation and Accumulation Characteristic of Heavy Metals in Soil-Maize System from a Typical Lead-Zinc Mining Area in Guizhou Province, China

Ma, Hongmei Nitrate Production in the Marine Boundary Layer and its Contribution to Surface Ocean along a Cruise Path from China to Antarctica: An Isotopic Perspective

Ma, Jian Feng The Role of Cd Storage Forms on the Mobility of Cd in Soil-Rice Systems during Grain Filling Stage

Ma, Jianmin Footprints of Dioxins in Global Pork Meat Trade

Ma, Jin-Long Mass-Dependent Fractionation of Ti Stable Isotope during Intensive Weathering of Basalts
The Measurement of Boron Isotope for Geological Standard Materials by Using MC-ICPMS
Effect of Fe–Ti Oxides on Mo Isotopic Variations in Lateritic Weathering Profiles of Basalt

Ma, Jinzhu Groundwater Recharge and Hydrogeochemical Evolution of Longdong Loess Basin, NW China

Ma, Liang Not scheduled Bioaccessibility of Heavy Metals in Soils and Health Risk Assessment Around an Antimony Smelting Factory
Gold and PGE Contents of Lamprophyres in Jiaodong Peninsula: Insights into Metal Enrichment and Release from the Metasomatized Mantle Source for Giant Gold Deposits

Ma, Liangbang Variation of Geochemical Occurrences of Rare Earth Elements in Shale during Simulated Hydrocarbon Generation

Ma, Lin The Hydrogeochemical Evolution of Basinal Fluids in the Paradox Basin: Implications for Sources, Flowpaths, and Residence Time
Reconciling Chemical Weathering Rates Across Scales: Insights from U-Series Isotopes in Volcanic Weathering Clasts from Basse-Terre Island (Guadeloupe)

Ma, Liqiao Paleoenvironmental Characteristics of the Jiusi Formation and Potential for Shale Gas Exploration of Zhaotong Shale Gas Demonstration Zone, southwest of China

Ma, Liyuan Microbial Transformation of Sb-Bearing Rocks

Ma, Long Not scheduled Climate Forcing the Evolution of East Asian Summer Monsoon Precipitation Since the Miocene Evidenced by Mg Isotopes in Chinese Loess Deposits

Ma, Luyan Integrated Comparative Genomic Analysis and Phenotypic Profiling of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from Crude Oil

Ma, M. U-Series Ages of Young Tengchong Volcanoes, Southeast Tibetan Plateau

Ma, Qian Not scheduled Heterogeneous Magnesium Isotopes of the Cenozoic Mantle-Derived Volcanics on SE Tibetan Plateau: Implication for the Subduction of Indian Plate
Precise Determination of Lu, Hf Concentrations and Hf Isotopic Compositions in Mafic to Ultramafic Rock Reference Materials by MC-ICP-MS