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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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L. Buss, H. Assessment of Controls on Pedogenesis and Mineral Nutrients in Agricultural Karst Critical Zones in Guizhou, China and Crete, Greece

La, D.Q. Not scheduled Sorption of Uranium(VI) onto Montmorillonite in the Presence of Calcite

La Fortezza, M. Epitaxial Mineral Growth in Fluid Inclusions Monitors Redox Equilibria in Subducting Ultramafic Rocks

La Maestra, S. Not scheduled Biological Effects on Asbestiform and Non-Asbestiform Amphiboles. Which Aspect Ratio Range Consider on Quantitative Determination of Elongated Mineral Particles (EMP) in Bulk Samples?

La Spina, G. Highly Explosive Basaltic Eruptions: Magma Fragmentation Induced by Rapid Crystallisation
Equilibrium, Disequilibrium, and Crystal Growth in Basaltic Magmas
Understanding Basaltic Plinian Activity at Masaya Caldera, Nicaragua
Suppression of Plagioclase and Clinopyroxene Nucleation in a Basaltic Magma: Insights from Real-Time Synchrotron Tomography

Läbe, S. Organic Phase (Extracellular Matrix, Osteocyte, Blood Vessel) Preservation in Fossil Tetrapod Bone: Temporal and Environmental Patterns of Preservation

Labille, J. Are UV Filters Polluting our Beaches? A Field Study of French Mediterranean Beach from Consumer Survey to Water Analysis

Labrosse, S. Not scheduled Thermo-Compositional Evolution of the Primitive Mantle with Magma Oceans

Labrousse, L. Boron Isotopic Characterisation of Serpentinites from the Atlin Terrane, Canadian Cordillera: Evidence for Preserved Oceanic Core Complexes?

Lacoue-Labarthe, T. Novel Application of Lithium and its Isotopes in Marine Ecotoxicology

Ladwig, A. Not scheduled Statistical Re-evaluation of REE Pattern in TTGs to Decipher Formation Processes of the First Continental Crust

Laës, A. Not scheduled Fate of Dissolved Organic Matter in Deep Sea Hydrothermal Fluids
Physico-Chemical Speciation of Iron along the Land Sea Continuum of the Iroise Sea

Laevsky, Y. Not scheduled Stages of Tectonothermal History of the Taimyr – Severnaya Zemlya Orogen during Oblique Collision in the Carboniferous-Permian

Lagain, A. Planetary Geochronology Using Machine Learning

Lages, J. Crustal Controls on Noble Gas Signatures in Fluid Inclusions from Andean Eruptive Products

Lago, J. Not scheduled The Prebiotic Geochemical Provenance of Semi-Aqueous Solvents

LaGrange, T. Nanoscale Mechanism of Formation of UO2 Through Uranium Reduction by Magnetite

Lahajnar, N. Nitrogen Cycle and Particulate Matter Fluxes in the Indian Ocean Subtropical Gyre

Lahaye, Y. Toward the Application of Ni and Ag Isotopes as Indicators of the Genesis of Cobalt in Orogenic Gold Systems, Finnish Lapland
Pb Isotope Systematics of K-Feldspar from the Precambrian Crust in the Baltic Sea Region

Lahera, E. In situ Characterization of Fluids and Melts to Shallow Supecritical and Magmatic Conditions

Lahoud, E. Natural Copper Stable Isotopes in the Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Lai, B. Metal Uptake and Sequestration within Southern Ocean Diatom Frustules: A Significant Sink for Iron and Zinc
Relationship between Atmospheric Aerosol Mineral Surface Area and Iron Solubility

Lai, S. Not scheduled High-Temperature Melting of Refractory Lower Crust in the Inner Zone of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province: Constraints from the Permian A-Type Granites from the Panxi Region
Not scheduled Petrogenesis and Geochemical Diversity of Late Mesoproterozoic S-Type Granites in the Western Yangtze Block, South China: Co-entrainment of Peritectic Selective Phases and Accessory Minerals
Not scheduled High-K and Shoshonitic Intrusions in Southeastern Tibet: Implications for the Metasomatized Lithospheric Mantle and Enriched Continental Crust
Not scheduled Neo-Tethyan Evolution in Southeastern Extension of Tibet:Constraints from Early Paleocene to Early Eocene Granitic Rocks with Associated Enclaves in Tengchong Block
Not scheduled A Change of Arc Magma Composition at ca. 450 Ma in the Bainaimiao Arc, Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt

Lai, X. Density of Fe-Ni-C Liquids at High Pressures and Implications to Liquid Cores of Earth and Moon

Lai, Yi-Jen Not scheduled An Andesitic Source for Jack Hills Zircon Argues for a Hadean Onset of Plate Tectonics