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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Hamilton, J. Not scheduled Spectroscopy Capabilities at the Australian Synchrotron, ANSTO
New Perspectives on Carbonate Mineral Behaviour for Carbon Accounting and Carbon Utilization
Migration of Transition Metals and Potential for Mineral Carbonation during Acid Leaching of Kimberlite Mine Tailings
Magnesium Isotope Signatures of Hydrotalcite Supergroup Minerals during Weathering and Carbonation of Ultramafic Mineral Wastes

Hamilton, S. Compositional Variability of San Carlos Olivine

Hamilton, T. A Bacterial ‘jack of all Trades’: Phototrophic Chloroflexi in Hot Spring Environments and their Impact on Carbon Cycling

Hamlin, S. Chemical and Carbon Isotopic Gas Compositions from The Wolfcamp In Permian Basin and their Geological Significance

Hamm, V. Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library (PTAL) Project: NIR Characterization of Samples

Hammer, J. Investigating Titanomagnetite Abundance in Rhyolite Pumice
Experimental Examination of the Melt Embayment Method for Determining Magma Decompression Rate
Diffusivity of Phosphorous in Olivine Revisited: A Joint Experimental and Modeling Approach
The Rheology of Three-Phase Lavas and Magmas
Vesicularity and Rheology of the Kīlauea 2018 Lava Flows

Hammond, G. Understanding Contaminant Migration within a Dynamic River Corridor Through Integrated Field and Laboratory Experiments and Reactive Transport Modeling

Hammond, J. Mantle H2O and δD Associated with Melt Reactions in a Supra-subduction Ophiolite

Hammond, S.J. Cadmium Isotope Fractionation Reveals Genetic Variations in Cd Uptake and Translocation by Theobroma Cacao and Role of NRAMP5 and HMA-Family Transporters
Finding a Pulse: Melt Formation and Timing in the Garhwal Himalaya

Hamp, R. Thermochemical Modelling of the Subsurface Environment on Enceladus

Hampel, T. Reassessing Volatile and Trace Element Mobility at Mount St. Helens (2004-2008) from Amphibole and Melt Inclusion Geochemistry

Hamzaoui-Azaza, F. Geochemistry of High Concentrations of Fluoride in Groundwater at Oued Rmel Aquifer (North-Eastern Tunisia), and Risks to Human Health from Exposure Through Drinking Water

Han, G. Not scheduled Optimization of Chromatography Method and Analytical Conditions for Isotope Analyses of Li via MC-ICP-MS
Not scheduled Cation Exchange-Driven Li Isotope Fractionation during Water-Rock Interaction: A Case Study of Groundwater in the Ordos Basin, China

Han, Heejun Not scheduled Characteristics of Amino Acid Distributions in Coastal Waters off Korea Peninsula
The Flux of Shelf-Borne Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean

Han, Hyeop-Jo

Han, I-S. Reduction in Seasonal pH Extremes as a Result of Increase in Net Community Production in Coastal Environments

Han, Jangmi Not scheduled Microstructural Investigations of Igneous Rims on CB CAIs

Han, Ji Yeon Not scheduled Seasonal Nitrogen Biogeochemical Characteristics in Porewater and Sediment in the Wetland, Korea

Han, Juan Not scheduled Study on Effectiveness of Pb Isotope Composition Targeting Method for Tracing Concealed Hydrothermal Uranium Deposits
Distribution of the Correction Factors of Interferences during the Irradiation of 40Ar-39Ar Dating Samples in HFETR

Han, Jun The Nature of Fluid in Strike-Slip Faults, Shunbei Ultra-Deep Oil Field, Tarim Basin

Han, Junho Not scheduled Colloidal Mobilization and Transformation of Nano-Sized Goethite and Magnetite with Presence of Arsenate Under Alkaline Condition

Han, Q. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Migration Fractionation Effect of Alkylated Carbazoles in Limestone Reservoirs and its Application in the Tarim Basin, NW China

Han, S. Not scheduled Removal of Aqueous Hg(II) Using Indium-Modified Iron Particles

Han, W.S. Evaluation of Sorption Properties for Cesium on Illite-Rich Clay Using Cation Exchange Model

Han, Yeongcheol Not scheduled Reconstruction of Past Climate and Environmental Changes Using High Resolution Ice Core Records in Victoria Land, Antarctica