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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Ha, S-W. Development of on-Site pCO2 Analyzing System and Evaluation of its Applicability to Identify CO2 Intrusion into Groundwater

Haag, B. S-Isotope Ratios in Paleoproterozoic Host Rocks of Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits at the Midcontinent Rift

Haase, A. The Impact of Land Use Change on the Ecosystem Metabolome of a Forested Watershed

Haase, K.M. Not scheduled Enrichment of Water and Fluid-Soluble Trace Elements in the Troodos Ophiolite: Evidence for a Near-Trench Origin
Not scheduled Is the Rio Grande Rise a Large Igneous Province or a Microcontinent?
Not scheduled The Influence of Wrench Tectonics on Submarine Volcanism in the NE Lau Basin (Tonga)
Not scheduled Upper-Mantle Provinces at the Rodrigues Triple Junction, Indian Ocean
Rapid Change in Deccan Volcanism Triggered by Delamination Prior to Chicxulub Impact
Source Variations in Bransfield Strait and Relation to Nearby Phoenix Ridge

Haber, J. Evidence of Early and Late Diagenesis of Sediments from Past Habitable Environments in Gale Crater, Mars: A Mastcam Multispectral Perpsective

Habuchi, M. Arsenic and Mercury Emission from Magmatic Fluid from Active Iwo-Yama, Kirishima Volcanoes, Japan

Hackley, P.C. Characterization of Eagle Ford Solid Bitumen via AFM-Ir: Nanoscale Compositional Heterogeneities and the Impact of Thermal Maturity

Hackspacher, P. Trindade Island Revisited: Constraints Based on Isotopes, 40Ar/39Ar Dating, Mineral and Whole-Rock Chemistry of a metasomatized-CO2-garnet-Lherzolite Mantle: The Role of a Shallow Secondary Plume
Thermo-Tectonic History of the Rio Grande Rise (South Atlantic Ocean)

Hada, M. Theoretical Modeling of Uranium Isotope Fractionation in Multi-Step Biotic Reduction

Hadad, C. Molecular Docking Simulations to Determine Organic Cation Sorption to Organic Matter

Haddad, P. Research on the Injection of New Gases in Underground Methane Storage Systems Such as Deep Aquifers

Haddix, M. Mineral Associated Organic Matter and Soil Health in Hawaii

Haese, R. Improved Estimates of Mineral Trapping Capacities at Reservoir Scale

Hafezian, G. New Developments in Diffusion Measurements Using Laboratory-Based X-Ray Sources
An X-Ray Spectrometry Method for Estimating Diffusion and Ion-Exchange Properties of Rocks

Hagedorn, J.

Hagemann, S.G. Magmatic-Hydrothermal BIF-Hosted Iron Ore in the SE São Francisco Craton, Brazil

Häggi, C. Plant Wax Isotope Signatures of Neotropical Vegetation Biomes in Soils Across Brazil

Haghipour, N. Not scheduled Biomarker Radiocarbon Evidence of Terrestrial Organic Carbon Aging during Transport within in Pearl River Estuary
Fluvial Sediment Transit Time Regulates the Fate of Organic Carbon between Source and Sink
Post-Glacial Hydroclimate Forcing of Tropical Soil-Carbon Storage

Hagino, K.

Hagiwara, Y. Pressure Dependence of micro-Raman Mass Spectrometry for Carbon Isotopic Composition of Carbon Dioxide Fluid

Hahm, J. Water Transit Times and Solute Composition Where Trees Root into Bedrock

Hahn, T. Water and D/H in Ungrouped Achondrite Northwest Africa 8409

Haider, R. Microbial Community Changes in the Production of Secondary Biogenic Coalbed Methane with Bioaugmentation Coupled with H2O2 Pretreatment to Australian Lignite

Haidl, A. Natural Mineral-Organic Associations Studied by XRF and P-Edge XANES

Hain, K. Reconstruction of the Deposition History of Anthropogenic Uranium in Baltic Sea Sediments Using U-233/U-236 and U-236/U-238 as Tracers