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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Eger, P. Can Microbial Activity Enhance Chromium Removal from Industrial Stormwater?

Eggeman, A. Not scheduled Parting the Clouds: Machine Learning Guided Microanalysis of the Meteoritic Cloudy Zone

Eggleston, C. Insight on (Per)chlorate Production, Degradation and Transport: Relevance to Mars

Eglington, B. Geochemical Databases and a Need for Linkages to Other Database Systems
Canada’S First National-Scale Mineral Potential Model

Eglinton, T. Not scheduled Biomarker Radiocarbon Evidence of Terrestrial Organic Carbon Aging during Transport within in Pearl River Estuary
Fluvial Sediment Transit Time Regulates the Fate of Organic Carbon between Source and Sink
Towards Refining the Carbon Budget of the Taiwan Orogeny
Post-Glacial Hydroclimate Forcing of Tropical Soil-Carbon Storage
Basin-Scale Climate Control on Terrestrial Biospheric Carbon Turnover

Eguchi, J. Extraction of Life-Essential Volatiles via Melting of Rocky Planetary Mantles of Variable Redox
The Effect of Differentiation via Internal Versus External Magma Oceans on the Carbon and Nitrogen Budgets of Rocky Planets
Proterozoic Carbon Isotope Excursions Driven by Mantle Recycling of Carbon

Ehinola, O.A. Not scheduled Magnetizing Roasting of Low Grade Iron Minerals from Akoko Area, Southwestern Nigeria Using Fluidized Bed Reactor

Ehinola, Q.I. Not scheduled Field Mapping, Geochemistry and Petrology of Basement Complex Rocks Around Akungba-Akoko, Southwestern Nigeria

Ehlert von Ahn, C.M. Not scheduled Submarine Groundwater Discharge into Wismar Bay, Southern Baltic Sea: A Multi-Tracer Approach

Ehlich, J. Systematics of Au and Cu in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids

Ehrig, K. Metallic-Pb Nanospheres in Archean Zircon from the Challenger Au Deposit, South Australia

Eiche, E. Arsenic Mobilization and Retention Mechanisms along an Iron Mineral Dominated Redox Gradient in Delta Sediments of Van Phuc, Vietnam

Eigenbrode, J. Martian Organic Geochemistry – Defining the Martian Carbon Cycle

Eiler, John Not scheduled Generation of Thermogenic Methane in the Central Alps (Switzerland) during Mid Miocene Metamorphism – New Insights from Paired Clumped Isotopologues (13CH3D and 12CH2D2)
A NanoSIMS Study of Micro-Distribution of Carbon Isotope in Ureilite Meteorites
Predicting Isotopomer Distribution in Products of Thermal Cracking with a Kinetic Monte-Carlo Model
Methane Isotopologues in a High-Concentration Gas Hydrate Reservoir in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Quick Stable Isotope Analysis of Multiple Components in a Complex Mixture by Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry
Development of a Position-Specific Isotopic Proxy for Photorespiration
The Reunion Mantle Plume is not Oxidized

Eiler, John M. Structural and Isotopic Reordering in Magnesite: Insights from Heating Experiments

Einsle, J. Not scheduled Parting the Clouds: Machine Learning Guided Microanalysis of the Meteoritic Cloudy Zone
The Quest for Primary Magnetisation in Earth’s Oldest Materials

Eiriksdottir, E. Environmental Impact of Volcanic Eruptions

Eisenhauer, A. Not scheduled Stable Calcium Isotopes: A Novel Biomarker of Bone Mineralization in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease
Calcium Isotope Variations of Phanerozoic Seawater
Towards a New Class of Medical Biomarkers – Stable Calcium Isotopes, Osteoporosis and Beyond
Thank F for Ca: Novel Methods for Measuring Ca Isotopes in Biomedical Samples with Collision Cell MC-ICPMS

Ek, M. The Origin of S-Process Isotope Heterogeneity in the Solar Protoplanetary Disk

Ekambas, P. Using Noble Gas Concentrations and δ13C to Monitor CO2 Leakage in a Carbonate Freshwater Shallow Aquifer

El Bilali, H. LIP Record Through Time and Implications for Secular Environmental Changes and GTS Boundaries
LIP-Induced Primary Positive CO2-Feedback Loop and Its Associated Tipping Points, Running the Climate Show throughout Earth’s History

El-Kadi, A. Assessment of Groundwater Ages Using Radiocarbon and Chlorofluorocarbons in West Hawai'i Aquifer Systems

El-Naggar, M. Characterizing the Mechanism of Extracellular Electron Transfer from Marine Sulfur Oxidizing Microbes Using High Throughput Genetic Techniques

Elanchezhiyan, S.S. Not scheduled Enhanced Adsorption of Perfluroalkyl Substances from Aqueous Environment Using Graphene Oxide-Based Magnetic Ferrite Nanohybrids

Elardo, S. Not scheduled Asymmetric Early Post-Magma Ocean Crust Building on the Moon’s Nearside