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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Ball, M. The Quest for Primary Magnetisation in Earth’s Oldest Materials

Ball, P. Spatio-Temporal Evolution of the Australian Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary from Mafic Volcanism

Ballentine, C. Not scheduled The Critical Role of Subduction in Earth’s Halogen Distribution
Not scheduled The Subduction Recycling of Halogens: Insights from the Shallow and Deep Mantle
Determining Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Using Noble Gases
The Hydrogeochemical Evolution of Basinal Fluids in the Paradox Basin: Implications for Sources, Flowpaths, and Residence Time
Noble Gas Isotope Composition of the Yellowstone Mantle Plume

Ballhaus, C. Not scheduled Ultra-Reduced Phases in Ophiolites Cannot Come from Earth's Mantle

Ballmer, Maxim Not scheduled Thermo-Compositional Evolution of the Primitive Mantle with Magma Oceans
The Formation and Preservation of Chemical Heterogeneities in the Lower Mantle
The Initial Condition for Long-Term Mantle Evolution of Rocky Planets
Testing Geodynamic Models with Major Elements Geochemistry: Implications for Intraplate Volcanism

Balogun, F. Quantifying Cr(VI) Production Rates as a Function of Manganese Oxide Mineralogy and Dissolved Organic Carbon Composition

Balogun, M.S. Not scheduled Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Quarry Dusts at Some Selected Locations of Southwestern Nigeria

Baloza, M. Carbon Mineralization Pathways in Antarctic Shelf Sediments, East Antarctic Peninsula

Balter, V. Isotopic Metallomics of Aging Mice

Baltic, E. Determination of Reaction Pathways and Mineralogy in Material Samples Using 3-D Neutron Tomography

Bam, E. Controls on Sources and Mechanisms of Flow and Transport in Seasonally Cold and Wetland-Dominated Catchments

Bamber, E.C. Highly Explosive Basaltic Eruptions: Magma Fragmentation Induced by Rapid Crystallisation
Understanding Basaltic Plinian Activity at Masaya Caldera, Nicaragua

Ban, M. The Temporal Variation of Magma Plumbing System of the Kattadake Pyroclastic Rocks in the Zao Volcano, Northeastern Japan
Pre-Eruptive Magmatic Processes of Zao Volcano: Timescales of Multiple Magma Mixings Revealed by Orthopyroxene Phenocrysts

Banc, C. Release of Metals from Wastewater Residue at Different pHs: An Ultrafiltration Investigation

Bandong, B. Additive Manufacturing of PGE Standards with a Silica Matrix

Banerjee, A. Not scheduled Whole-Rock Nd, Sr and Multiple S Isotopic Compositions of Carbonatites and Alkaline Silicate Rocks from the Phalaborwa Complex, South Africa
Geochemical and Nd, Sr, Ca Isotopic Study of Leached and Whole-Rock Carbonatites

Banerjee, S. Ab Initio Study of Clumped Isotopic Fractionation during Acid Digestion of Dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2)
Seasonal Tempearture Variability Recorded in the Carbonate Bands of Cyclothems in Lacustrine Stromatolites of Early to Mid Miocene(~14-21Ma.) Deposit from the Ebro Basin, North Spain

Banerjee, Y. Moving Continent and Changing Seasonality in High pCO2 Worlds: A Tale Using Clumped Isotopes on the Mollusc Shell Growth Bands from the Indian Plate, Noa’s Ark in Deep Time
Seasonal Tempearture Variability Recorded in the Carbonate Bands of Cyclothems in Lacustrine Stromatolites of Early to Mid Miocene(~14-21Ma.) Deposit from the Ebro Basin, North Spain

Banerji, U.S. Not scheduled Hydrological Changes during Meghalayan Stage from the Southern India

Banfield, J.F. Not scheduled Redox Controls on Trace Element Mobility during Shale Weathering from Microscale Analyses
Insights into Biogeochemical Cycling and Unanticipated Geobiological Trajectory after Alum Addition to an Engineered Lake
Pulling Back the Curtain on Microbial Sulfur Dynamics in a Mine Tailings Reservoir
Large Freshwater Phages with the Potential to Augment Aerobic Methane Oxidation
Microbial Mediation of Watershed Biogeochemical Cycles

Bang, S. Factors Regulating the CO2 Storage and Emission in the Northwest Pacific: An Example of the post-Lgm Shatsky Rise

Banks, D. The Origin and Composition of Carbonatite-Derived Carbonate-Bearing Fluorapatite Deposits

Banothu, D. Not scheduled Ecological Risk Assessment of Potentially Hazardous Elements (PHEs) in Agriculture Soils: A Study from Raichur Industrial Development Area, Karnataka, India

Bao, H. Not scheduled Mass-Independent Fractionation of Triple Oxygen Isotopes Induced by Hyperfine Effect: The Role of (O2)2 Dimerization
Not scheduled Closed-System Oxygen Isotope Exchange in a Paleoproterozoic Evaporite Sequence
The Duration of Marinoan 17O Depletion Episode
Timing the Greening of the Land

Bao, J. High Performance Simulation of Dynamic Hydrologic Exchange and Implications for Surrogate Flow and Reactive Transport Modeling in a Large River Corridor