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The following medals are due to be presented at Goldschmidt2020.

V.M. Goldschmidt Award 2020 (GS)

The V. M. Goldschmidt Award is made for major achievements in geochemistry or cosmochemistry, consisting of either a single outstanding contribution, or a series of publications that have had great influence on the field. The award will normally be given annually at the V. M. Goldschmidt Conference. More info

F.W. Clarke Award 2020 (GS)

The F. W. Clarke Award is normally made annually at the V. M. Goldschmidt Conference to an early-career scientist for a single outstanding contribution to geochemistry or cosmochemistry, published either as a single paper or a series of papers on a single topic. More info

C.C. Patterson Award 2019 (GS)

Awarded annually for a recent innovative breakthrough in environmental geochemistry of fundamental significance, published in a peer-reviewed journal. More info

C.C. Patterson Award 2020 (GS)

Awarded annually for a recent innovative breakthrough in environmental geochemistry of fundamental significance, published in a peer-reviewed journal. More info

Robert Berner Lecture (GS & EAG)

Presented by a mid-career scientist on a topic associated with elemental cycling at the Earth's surface. More info

Endowed Biogeochemistry Lecture (GS)

Presented by a prominent scientist who is making cutting-edge field-based measurements or laboratory measurements on field samples in the area of biogeochemistry. More info

Paul Gast Lecture (GS & EAG)

Recognizes a mid-career scientist for outstanding contributions to geochemistry. More info

F. Earl Ingerson Lecture (GS)

Open for any topic within geochemistry that has broad appeal to Goldschmidt attendees. More info

H.C. Urey Award 2020 (EAG)

The Urey Award is bestowed annually by the society for outstanding contributions advancing geochemistry over a career. The award is based solely on scientific merit. More info

Werner Stumm Science Innovation Award 2020 (EAG)

The EAG Science Innovation Award recognizes scientists who have recently made a particularly important and innovative breakthrough in geochemistry. The geochemical research must be highly original and contribute in a significant fashion to our understanding of the natural behaviour of the Earth or planets. More info

F.G. Houtermans Award 2020 (EAG)

The award recognizes a single exceptional contribution to geochemistry, published as a single paper or a series of papers on a single topic. It is named in honor of Friedrich Georg Houtermans, a Dutch-Austrian-German physicist. More info

The Geochemical Journal Award 2020 (GSJ)

The Geochemical Journal Award recognizes the most outstanding research paper published in the previous year as evaluated on the originality, quality and advancement of science, and particularly of geochemistry. More info

The Shen-su Sun Award 2020 (Shen-su Sun Foundation)

The Shen-su Sun Award is to recognize exceptional geoscientists younger than 40 years, who work in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in commemoration of late Dr. Shen-su Sun for his pioneering and tremendous contributions to the geochemistry of the solid Earth and mantle dynamics, and for his unselfish and boundless mentorship to younger generations of scientists in the field of Geochemistry. This Award is presented by the Shen-Su Sun Foundation.

International Association of Geoanalysts Young Scientists Award (IAG)

The award promotes the careers of young scientists who have either developed innovative analytical methods or provided new strategies to improve data quality as applied to the chemical analysis of geological or environmental samples More info

Geochemical Fellows 2020 (GS & EAG)

In 1996, The Geochemical Society and The European Association of Geochemistry established the honorary title of Geochemistry Fellow, to be bestowed upon outstanding scientists who have, over some years, made a major contribution to the field of geochemistry. Recipients of the Goldschmidt, Urey, EAG Science Innovation, and Treibs Medals become Fellows automatically. More info

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