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Grants from US Funding Agencies

There are two types of grants available to students and qualifying postdocs working at institutions in the United States:
1) Planetary science grants for students and postdocs working on topics relevant to NASA’s planetary science goals
2) Students only from underrepresented groups or institutions working on any topic covered at the conference

Planetary Science Grants
The GS has received funding for travel grants from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). These funds may only be awarded to students pursuing graduate degrees and post-doctoral scholars working at universities or institutions in the U.S. and its territories. Support provided by NASA will be limited to applicants engaged in research that falls within the purview of its planetary science mission (e.g., planetary geology, cosmochemistry, astrobiology). The number of merit grants will be limited, and these will cover only a portion of the cost of attendance, so students should pursue additional funding sources.
Delegates must meet these criteria:

  • Students: must be currently enrolled in a graduate program at an accredited college or university in the United States as of the date of the conference. Students who will graduate before June 2020 are not eligible.
  • Post-docs: must be currently working at a university or institution in the U.S. and its territories as of June 2020. Post-docs must also provide proof that their post-doctoral scholarship does not already include travel funds.
  • Applicants must submit an abstract related to planetary sciences, i.e. work on the origin and history of solar system bodies (work on meteorites, Lunar rocks, sample returned from NASA missions, planetary analogues, experiments or modeling), or related to a NASA mission, or studying the potential for life elsewhere or of planetary resources for human space exploration.

Grants to Underrepresented groups
The GS is applying for funds from the National Science Foundation to support grants for students from qualifying groups and institutions. The purpose of this program is to increase diversity in the geoscience workforce. The number of merit grants will be limited, and these will cover only a portion of the cost of attendance, so students should pursue additional funding sources.
An applicant must be a current graduate or undergraduate student at an educational institution located in the U.S. and its territories as of June 2020 and meet one of these criteria:

  • A US citizen or permanent resident who self-identifies as a member of an underrepresented group in the science and engineering student population, as designated by the NSF, in this case African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders, Native Alaskans.
  • An undergraduate student at any institution who is of the first generation in their immediate family to attend college (i.e., your parents did not attend college).

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