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Family Friendly

Child access

The conference welcomes the families of its delegates. Children under 15 will be welcome to enter the congress centre without their own registration. We do ask that accompanying carers register at the appropriate rate, to cover catering costs. Children may attend all sessions with you, but we ask that delegates use their common sense and remove their children from sessions if they become upset or otherwise disrupt the talks. A private, purpose built pod will be made available for nursing mothers, this will be located in the main lobby on level 1. The key for this facility can be collected from onsite registration.


The conference is working with Kiddi Corp (who provided childcare in Boston for 2018) to provide onsite, subsidised childcare and a full program of activities for the children of delegates. They can provide care for children aged between 6 months-12 years old. Childcare rates are $15 per morning or afternoon session. Parents will need to provide all meals but snacks and drinks will be available.

Please book through this site. Book once for each child. Once payment for booking has been received we will send you details of a consent/waiver form you will need to complete for Kiddi Corp and send directly to them.

Booking for childcare places must be confirmed by payment for the full amount due. Please be aware that the costs of this service are being heavily subsidised by the conference to support the attendance of delegates with younger children.

Childcare hours are as follows:
- Morning session 08:15-13:00
- Afternoon session 13:00-17:45

Local facilities

The Hawai'i Convention Center is a 10 minute walk away from the Ala Moana Shopping Mall (1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814). There are over 200 shops, along with a large food court and multiple entertainment options. Target is 15 minutes away where you can pick up baby and beach supplies, drinks and snacks. The beach and Magic Island Lagoon are 10 minutes walk away and perfect for stretching legs between sessions and burning off excess energy.

Honolulu Attractions

Honolulu is a world class tourist destination, the convention centre is located just off the Waikiki strip. There are wonderful beaches, surf schools and water-sport facilities within easy walk of the convention center. The Waikiki aquarium hosts some lovely exhibits and is highly suitable for younger children. For older children, snorkelling just off the beach will allow them to see plenty of the same creatures up close and personal. With plenty of local tour operators available delegates won't find it hard to experience one of a kind adventures unique to Hawai'i. Trips to other islands are easy to arrange if you wanted to go further afield.

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