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Sumit Chakraborty

Sumit Chakraborty (Co-chair)

Ruhr Universität Bochum
Adina Paytan

Adina Paytan (Co-chair)

University of California, Santa Cruz
Vickie Bennett

Vickie Bennett (GS representative)

The Australian National University

Vickie C. Bennett is the Head of the Isotope Geochemistry Group and Associate Director at the Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University. Her activities are focussed on the application of mass spectrometry and radiogenic and stable isotope geochemistry to solving key questions about the early Earth, including: What was the origin and evolution of the Earth's continental crust? How and when did the various mantle chemical reservoirs form and evolve? How have the lithosphere and biosphere co-evolved? Answering these questions entails integrating geologic observations with a range of isotopic investigations preserved in Earth’s oldest (>3,500 million years old) rock record. Her main field focus is on the Archean terranes of southwest Greenland, but she has also worked in Western Australia, southwest U.S. and Antarctica. Dr. Bennett is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and the Geochemical Society.

Maria Dittrich

Maria Dittrich (Member)

Toronto University
Barbara Dutrow

Barbara Dutrow (Member)

Louisiana St Univ
Gabriel Filippelli

Gabriel Filippelli (Member)

Richard Pancost

Richard Pancost (Member)

University of Bristol
Ken Rubin

Ken Rubin (Member)

University of Hawaii

elemental, isotopic, and radioactive/radiometric isotope studies of volcanological and sea level topics at the University of Hawaii

Sara Russell

Sara Russell (Member)

NHM London
Liping Zhou

Liping Zhou (Member)

Peking University
Ken Rubin

Ken Rubin (Co-chair)

University of Hawaii

elemental, isotopic, and radioactive/radiometric isotope studies of volcanological and sea level topics at the University of Hawaii

Michael Garcia

Michael Garcia (Co-chair)

University of Hawaii
Mariko Hatta

Mariko Hatta (Student Program Leader)

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Mariko Hatta is an oceanographic researcher, and an Affiliate Graduate Faculty in the Department of Oceanography at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her research primarily focuses on identifying and describing the physical, biological and chemical processes in the global ocean. Her main research area includes the dynamics of bioactive trace metals (e.g., Iron), tracers (e.g., Aluminum, Manganese, Rare Earth Elements) and nutrients (Nitrate/Nitrite, Phosphate, and Silicate) and their role in moderating marine biogeochemical processes.

Colin Ferguson

Colin Ferguson (Student Program Leader)

University of Hawaii
Harue Masuda

Harue Masuda (Member)

Osaka City University
Jasper Konter

Jasper Konter (member)

University of Hawai'i
Gregory E. Ravizza

Gregory E. Ravizza (member)

University of Hawaii

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