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Instructions for Submitting a Session for Goldschmidt2020

Deadline: October 18, 2019

How to Prepare your Submission

Please check the list of sessions already submitted to the theme before submitting your session. You may want to refocus your topic or volunteer to join the convener team of existing sessions.

The science committee particularly welcomes submissions which explicitly connect to the location of the conference. With so many geochemical links, the Islands of Hawai'i, and Oceania more generally, could inspire sessions right across the various themes of the conference.

Please make your session broad enough to attract at least 25-30 abstract submissions.

Please select the most suitable theme for your session but also indicate if the content is likely to be relevant to other themes. Inter-theme merges are a possibility if related content is submitted.

Each proposed session should have two listed conveners. Sessions with one convener are extremely unlikely to be accepted, further names can be added if the session is accepted without merges. The two original conveners should be from different institutions.

Convener names should only be put forward if they have given full permission for this.

The proposed session title should be clear and concise. A short title should also be provided in 10-12 words.

A proposed session description of less than 250 words should be provided along with a list of up to four names of potential speakers in the session.

Potential speakers should not be contacted in advance; their details will not be publicly available on the site and they will not be contacted by the organisers. The names are requested simply to help define the subject area(s) your session seeks to cover.

Do not offer invited or keynote speaker positions at this stage. Potential keynote names will be requested once a session is accepted into the conference program. Their keynote status will be confirmed only if the session receives at least 25 abstract submissions. Each year firm offers are made and accepted despite this warning, leading to embarrassment and upset. Please help us avoid this by being clear with your potential keynote that you will not be able to confirm the status or length of their talk until after the abstract deadline.

After you submit your proposal the theme chairs of your session will be emailed with a copy of the submission. They will check the details and then list this on the theme page of the website along with all the other proposed unconfirmed sessions.

You will also be sent an emailing confirming submission. If this does not arrive immediately, please check your junk mail folder. Please contact the conference office before resubmitting the session if the email does not arrive.

After the October 18 deadline the theme chairs and science committee will review the full list of submitted sessions. Your session will be either accepted, merged with other similar or overlapping sessions or rejected if it is not possible to include it in the program.

The review process will take at least four weeks, after which prospective conveners will be contacted to let them know the outcome of the review. Conveners may be asked to re-write the session description and titles to ensure the sessions in the program cover the entire theme description.

Submit Your Session

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