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Method Development: Crystalline Rock Porewater Extraction Using Vacuum-Distillation

Najem T, Zal D, Kennell-Morrison L & Douglas Clark I

Najem T, Zal D, Kennell-Morrison L & Douglas Clark I (2020) Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2020 1884

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08b: Room 3, View in program

Tarek Najem
David Zal
Laura Kennell-Morrison View all 2 abstracts at Goldschmidt2020
Ian Douglas Clark

Listed below are questions that have been submitted by the community that the author will try and cover in their presentation. To submit a question, ensure you are signed in to the website. Authors or session conveners approve questions before they are displayed here.

Submitted by Laura Kennell-Morrison on
What is the salinity and composition of the re-saturating fluids in the experiments? Related to that, are there any concerns with respect to salinity effects on vacuum-distillation when the new set of experiments begin using synthetic salt solution(s)?

Submitted by Tarek Najem on
Hi Laura, Great question! Currently we are re-saturating cores using laboratory de-ionized water (conductivity of <1uS) to make the experiments straightforward. With respect to your second question, one concern that comes to mind would be the change in porosity of a core as water evaporates and leaves behind the salts. Salts may "clog" the pores and in turn affect the recovery of water especially for water that had penetrated deep into the core.

Submitted by Josué Jautzy on
Nice presentation Tarek, thanks! I was wondering if you could give some insight on the way you will be dealing with differentiating potential drill fluid contamination from true porewater.

Submitted by Tarek Najem on
Hi Jose! Great question! Drilling fluid poses a contamination source to the porewater, it will influence both the isotopic composition and chemistry of the porewater. Currently, there is no specific way to deal with this issue, but we are planning to conduct experiments to determine the extent of the impact of drilling fluid. One experiment we are thinking about is to saturate a core with two isotopically distinct waters and try to correct for any difference. Another way would be to chip off the outside of a core and isolate its interior for extraction (though it might be difficult with granite). There is still work to be done!

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