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Student Helpers

The Deadline for applications was 14 February 2020. All applicants will be advised of the status of their application by mid March.

The conference is grateful for all the help that students provide in the smooth running of the Goldschmidt Conferences.

Examples of volunteering work at the conference include; handing out pre-registration badges, supporting session convenors, assisting delegates with poster hanging, checking delegates as they arrive for seminars, helping at evening events etc. You need to be comfortable with liaising with academics from undergraduate to the most senior scientists particularly if you are helping in the scientific sessions. The conference day will start early and you will need to have good time keeping as the conference cannot run sucessfully without the help from the volunteers.

Helpers will need to be fluent in English (approximately equivalent to level B2 in English). Please fill in the box on the submission form describing the qualifications you have received in English and let us know the name of a faculty member who can confirm your competency. We will contact them to confirm your level of English if required. Helpers will also need a familiarity with the technology used in the conference: primarily Microsoft Windows and Powerpoint.

You have a choice in the number of days you wish to volunteer for two, four or six days. Two day volunteers must help on the Sunday and the Monday only. Four and six day volunteers must help on the Sunday and Monday and you can choose to volunteer for either two further days or the rest of the conference (Tuesday - Friday). If you choose to volunteer for only four days, then you will have two days free to attend sessions of interest . You will need to be at the conference centre from 9.30am on the Sunday 21 June for training in the morning and pre-registration in the afternoon. On Monday 22 June the day will start at 7am.

Every effort will be made to arrange the schedule to enable you to be free on the day you have a presentation. A few students will also be needed to help with evening events.

Student helpers volunteering for two days only (Sunday and Monday) will receive a reduced registration rate ($275). Student helpers volunteering for four or more days will be given free registration to the conference, an honorarium per day volunteered and an additional honorarium for evening events. The honorarium will be $70 per day, and $35 per evening event. This will be paid in US$ after the close of the conference. Helpers will act as volunteers, and should arrange their own insurance where appropriate: no liability can be accepted by the conference.

Those accepted as student helpers will be notified of their appointment in March 2020, and a rota will be set up nearer the conference.

Please note that if you are accepted as a volunteer and you have an oral or poster presentation then we will ensure that you are given time to present your work.