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My Goldschmidt

Role functions

Details for: Sami Mikhail

Dr. Mikhail is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Prof) in Earth Sciences at the University of St Andrews. The motivation behind Dr. Mikhail’s research is to understand how the interior of a planet affects and controls the composition of its surface and to long-term habitability. Dr. Mikhail’s approach combines investigations of natural samples with high-pressure and -temperature experiments and theoretical models. To date, this approach has been applied to a diverse range of projects such as the source of Icelandic volcanism, diamond-formation in the deep Earth, and more recently, on linking mantle processes to atmospheric chemistry on Earth, Mars, Venus, and exoplanets.

Committee member

Goldschmidt2019 Organising Committee: Student Program

Session convener

Goldschmidt2018 - Session 01h: Accretion Processes, Giant Impacts, Core Formation and Volatile Delivery at Home and Abroad
Goldschmidt2018 - Session 02g: Carbon at Extremes Diamonds, their Inclusions and Host Rocks
Goldschmidt2017 - Session 05g: Evolution, Distribution and Recycling of Volatiles in the Mantle of Earth and Other Planetary Bodies
Goldschmidt2016 - Session 05g: The Deep Nitrogen Cycle and the Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres
Goldschmidt2016 - Session 07a: Cycling of Volatile Elements between Earth’s Interior and Exterior Through Subduction Zones


Goldschmidt2018: Mentor (Mentoring rong wang)

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