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(2020) The Impact of Redox Fluctuations on Soil Organic Matter Decomposition in Tropical Forest Soils
Bhattacharyya A, Campbell A, Hestrin R, Lin Y, Tfaily M, Silver W, Weber P, Nico P & Pett-Ridge J

(2020) Ecohydrologic Implications of Deeply Rooted Grasses
Oerter E, Nuccio E, Slessarev E, Min K, Kan M, Visser A, McFarlane K, Asefaw Berhe A & Pett-Ridge J

(2020) Vulnerability of Paleosol Carbon Decomposition to Root-Derived Carbon Inputs
de graaff M-A, McMurtry A, Szymanski L, Dolui M, Pett-Ridge J, Behre A, Mason J & Marin-Spiotta E

(2018) Planting Carbon in Soil: How Mineral Interaction with Plant-Derived Carbon May Lead to Carbon Persistence
Neurath R, Whitman T, Chu-Jacoby I, Lipton A, Zhou J, Weber P, Nico P, Pett-Ridge J & Firestone M

(2017) Dead or Alive: Comparing Organo-Mineral Assoications in the Rhizosphere and Detritosphere
Neurath R, Whitman T, Zhou J, Lipton A, Weber P, Nico P, Pett-Ridge J & Firestone M

(2017) Coupled Iron and Carbon Redox Dynamics in Tropical Forest Soils of Puerto Rico
Bhattacharyya A, Campbell A, Kukkadapu R, Weber P, Nico P & Pett-Ridge J

(2016) Directing Traffic in the Rhizosphere: How Microbes Shape the Flow and Fate of Root Carbon
Pett-Ridge J, Nuccio E, Shi S, Neurath R, Whitman T, Brodie E, Lipton M, Zhou J & Firestone M

(2016) Rhizosphere Control of Soil Carbon Association with Fresh Minerals
Neurath R, Whitman T, Nico P, Pett-Ridge J, Zhou J, Lipton A, Weber P & Firestone M

(2015) Carbon Transformations in the Rhizosphere: The Critical Role of Microbial Functional Capacity
Pett-Ridge J, Shi S, Nuccio E, Herman D, He Z, Wu L, Brodie E, Zhou J & Firestone M

(2015) Reuse and Recycling: Resource Allocation by Cyanobacteria in Microbial Mats
Stuart R, Mayali X, Lee J, Everroad RC, Lipton M, Boaro A, Bebout B, Pett-Ridge J, Weber P & Thelen M

(2013) Mapping Soil Carbon from Cradle to Grave: C Transformations from Roots to Organo-Mineral Associations
Pett-Ridge J, Keiluweit M, Shi S, Nuccio E, Bougoure J, Weber P, Brodie E, Mayali X, Kleber M, Nico P & Firestone M

(2012) Metals and Microbes: Imaging Organic Matter-Mineral Relationships at High Resolution with STXM/NanoSIMS
Pett-Ridge J, Keiluweit M, Bougoure J, Nico PS, Weber PK, Zeglin L, Myrold DD & Kleber M

(2011) Isotopic Analysis of Microarrays to Link Microbial Identity and Function
Mayali X, Weber PK, Brodie EL, Mabery S, Hoeprich PD & Pett-Ridge J

(2010) C and N Dynamics in Soil Microstructures: A Joined STXM/NEXAFS and NanoSIMS Approach
Keiluweit M, Nico PS, Zeglin LH, Pett-Ridge J, Weber P, Myrold DD & Kleber M


Goldschmidt2019: Endowed Biogeochemistry Lecture

Session convener

Goldschmidt2017 - Session 11e: Biogeochemical Processes Under Dynamic Redox Conditions in Soils and Sediments – Controls and Feedbacks
Goldschmidt2014 - Session 25d: Images and Isotopes: Understanding the Biogeochemistry of Microbial Metabolism and Interactions

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