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Note: abstracts are only listed if one of the following email addresses was provided when the abstract was submitted: jmdday@ucsd.edu. Otherwise, try an advanced search.

(2023) Insights into KREEP-Free Volcanism on the Moon from Lunar Meteorites
Srivastava Y, Basu Sarbadhikari A, Day JMD, Yamaguchi A & Takenouchi A

(2023) A Heavy Stable Isotope Approach to Tracing Mantle Source and Process
Soderman CR, Matthews S, Shorttle O, Jackson MG, Day JMD & Williams HM

(2022) Lava Compositions of the 2021 La Palma Eruption Reflect Magma Recharge and Mixing Processes in the Lithosphere
Day JMD, Aulinas M, Deegan F, Troll VR, Geiger H, Carracedo JC, Gisbert Pinto G & Perez-Torrado FJJ

(2022) Elevated and Heterogeneous Oxygen Fugacity in Global Hotspot Lavas
Willhite LN, Arevalo R, Piccoli PM, Rand DS, Locmelis M, Nicklas RW, Jackson MG, Day JMD, Lassiter JC, Ireland T, Puchtel IS & Finlayson V

(2021) The Search for Preserved Late-Stage Accretionary Components in Terrestrial Materials
Bermingham KR, Walker RJ, Finlayson VA, Tornabene HA, Peters B, Day JMD, Rudnick RL, Nakanishi N, Jackson MG, Pearson DG & Schilling ME

(2021) Siderophile Anomalies in the Easter Plume: Source or Process?
Finlayson VA, Schilling ME, Tornabene HA, Bermingham KR, Day JMD & Walker RJ

(2021) Water in the Crust: Implications for the Evolution of Mars
Barnes JJ, McCubbin F, Santos A, Day JMD, Boyce J, Schwenzer S, Ott U, Franchi I, Anand M & Agee C

(2020) The Spatial Distribution of ƒO2 in the Mantle: Insights from V Partitioning Behavior in Ocean Island Basalts
Willhite L, Arevalo R, Locmelis M, Piccoli P, Farcy B, Castillo M, Funderburg R, Jackson M, Day J, Ireland T & Lassiter J

(2018) Origin of the ~3.5 Ga Bon Accord Ni Deposit, Barberton, South Africa
Clay PL, O'Driscoll B, Day JMD, Burgess R, Bonnand P & Busemann H

(2018) Halogens as Key Tracers of Volatile Evolution in the Terrestrial Planets
Clay PL, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruziè-Hamilton L, Joachim B, Day JMD, Lyon I, King A, Russell SS, Schofield P & Ballentine CJ

(2017) Ancient 182W Signatures in Modern Ocean Island Basalts
Mundl A, Walker R, Touboul M, Jackson M, Day J, Kurz M, Lekic V & Helz R

(2017) Process of Volatile Addition to Earth Revealed by Halogens in Chondrites
Clay P, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruziè-Hamilton L, Joachim B, Day J & Ballentine C

(2014) Heterogeneity of Calcium Isotopes in Earth’s Mantle
Chen H, Savage P, Valdes M, Puchtel I, Day J, Jackson M, Moreira M & Moynier F

(2014) Highly Siderophile Element Enrichment in Native-Fe Basaltic Ores
Howarth G, Day J, Ryabov V, Barry P, Pernet-Fisher J & Taylor L

(2014) Lithium Isotope Constraints on Surface Processes on Mars
Magna T, Day JMD, Mezger K, Fehr MA, Chennaoui Aoudjehane H & Agee C

(2013) Mass Independently Fractionated Sulfur Isotopes in HIMU Lavas Reveal Archean Crust in their Mantle Source
Cabral R, Jackson M, Rose-Koga E, Koga K, Whitehouse M, Antonelli M, Farquhar J, Day J & Hauri E

(2012) Oceanic Gabbro Signature in Mangaia Melt Inclusions
Cabral R, Jackson M, Rose-Koga E, Day J, Koga K, Shimizu N, Whitehouse M & Price A

(2012) Planetary Scale Sr Isotopic Heterogeneity
Moynier F, Day J, Okui W, Yokoyama T, Bouvier A, Walker R & Podosek F

(2010) 84Sr Anomalies in Meteorites?
Moynier F, Day J, Bouvier A, Podosek F & Walker R

(2009) The Role of Volatiles during Asteroidal Differentiation
Day J, Walker R, Sunshine J, Ash R, Rumble D, Liu Y, McDonough B & Taylor L

(2004) Multi-Isotopic Constraints on Magma Sources in Central Iceland
Seth B, Day J, Thirlwall M, Hilton D, Gronvold K & Macpherson C

(2001) Secular Changes in the Stable Isotopic Composition of Devonian Brachiopods
van Geldern R, Joachimski MM, Day J, Álvarez F, Jansen U & Yolkin EA

Theme chair

Goldschmidt2019 - Theme 02: Mantle and Core
Goldschmidt2016 - Theme 02: From Stars to Planets
Goldschmidt2014 - Theme 02: Planetary Chemistry
Goldschmidt2011 - Theme 05: Continental Crust Formation and Evolution

Session convener

Goldschmidt2019 - Session 04c: Micro-To-Nanoscopic Approaches to Understanding Strategic and Critical Resources in Continental and Oceanic Mineral Deposits
Goldschmidt2017 - Session 02g: Signatures of Accretion and Core Formation
Goldschmidt2014 - Session 02e: Compositions and Oxidation States of the Terrestrial Planets
Goldschmidt2014 - Session 05c: Peridotites and Mantle Xenoliths in the Continents and Oceans
Goldschmidt2013 - Session 05h: Origin of Mantle Heterogeneities Revealed from Oceanic and Continental Peridotites
Goldschmidt2011 - Session 05a: The Origin of Planetary Crusts

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