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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Ubide, T. 06c/11:15/Mon Timescales of Degassing in Rhyolitic Magmas Tracked by Li in Plagioclase
06k/14:30/Mon Major and Trace Element Maps of Zoned Clinopyroxenes at Stromboli: New Clues on Complex Magma Dynamics during 2003-2017 Eruptions

Ucciani, G. 06e/266/Mon MultiGAS Survey from Low-T° Fumaroles in a Tropical Environment. Effects from Internal and External Forcing: Example from La Soufriere de Guadeloupe (FWI)

Uchikawa, J. 08g/08:35/Tue 08g/344/Tue Trajectory and Timescale of Δ47 Equilibration in the HCO3-/CO32- Pool Under Normal and Enzymatically Catalyzed Conditions
08g/15:00/Tue Controls on Li Partitioning and Isotopic Fractionation in Inorganic Calcite

Uchiyama, H. 02i/18/Mon The Composition of the Earth’s Inner Core Inffred from the Sound Velocity Measurement of Iron-Nickel Alloy at High Pressure and High Temperature

Udaya Shankara, H.N.

Uddin, A. 05d/11:15/Mon Characterization of Mg2+ Dehydration in Aqueous Electrolyte Solution: Implications for CO2 Mineralization Technologies

Udubasa, S.S. 06l/263/Thu Clathrasil Compound Evidence in Fluid and Brine Inclusions by Microthermometry and Raman Spectroscopy

Ueberschaar, N. 12f/16:15/Thu Mutualism in Fe-Cycling Co-cultures is More Driven by Interspecies Signaling Than Fe Processing

Ueda, H. 10i/414/Mon Magnesium and Strontium Isotopic Fractionations during Experimental Water-Rock Interactions at 300℃, 500 Bars
03f/10:20/Tue 03f/73/Wed Origin of Methane in Hakuba Happo Serpentinite-Hosted Hot Spring: 14C and Noble Gas Study

Uehara, S. 03j/60/Thu The Inverted Barrovian Metamorphic Sequences and Fluid-Present Melting in the Arun Area, Eastern Nepal

Ueno, Y. 07b/11:00/Tue A New Method for Measuring 34S-18O Clumping of Sulfate
07c/15:45/Thu Quadruple Sulfur Isotope Records of Quartz-Rich Sandstones of the 3.22 Ga Moodies Group (Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa)
11h/17:00/Thu Photochemical Synthesis of Ammonia and Glycine

Uenver-Thiele, L. 03i/146/Tue 03i/09:20/Fri Fe-Ti Metasomatism Recorded in Peridotites from Montmaton, French Massif Central

Ugarkar, A.G.

Ugwu, I. 12h/10:30/Wed 12h/445/Wed Sorption and Desorption of Nickel and Cobalt on/From Goethite: Implication for Mobility and Metal Remediation in Ni Laterite Terrain

Uhlig, D. 12c/10:00/Tue Mg Isotope Fractionation in Organisms: Why Fractionation Factors Depend on Mg Uptake

Uiljenhoet, R. 12b/459/Tue Role of Vegetation on Rare Earth Elements Mobilization in the Regolith Below Forest Ecosystems

Ukstins, I. 06f/11:00/Tue Quantifying Magma Generation Mechanisms of Large-Volume Silicic Eruptions of Afro-Arabian Flood Volcanics Through Mineral Chemistry, Radiogenic Isotope Analyses and Numerical Modelling of Melt Evolution
06a/10:30/Wed Volatiles in Nominally Anhydrous Mantle Olivine from the Auckland Volcanic Field

Ullmann, C.V. 08i/16:45/Mon Ocean Acidification during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (Early Jurassic) – A Kill Mechanism?
08f/305/Wed Middle to Late Jurassic Climate Changes in the Germanic Basin – δ18O and δ13C of Calcite Fossils

Ulmer, P. 06c/09:30/Mon Chlorine Partitioning between Granitic Melt and C-O-H-Cl Aqueous Fluids in the Earth’s Upper Crust, and Implications for Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Genesis
03c/15:30/Wed Linking Volcanic and Plutonic Records in the Early Earth: TTGs are Silicic Crystal Mushes
02c/16:45/Fri Fe-Mg-Mn Exchange between Olivine and Melt and an Oxybarometer for Basaltic Systems

Ulrich, A. 13c/09:00/Wed Biogeochemical Processes Affect Tailings’ Reclamation Under End-Pit Lake Scenario

Ulrich, M. 10i/411/Mon Geochemical Tracers of Fluid-Rock Interactions in Exhumed Mantle Domains: A Comprehensive Study of Serpentinization Processes

Ulrich, R. 08l/346/Thu Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of the Transformation of Amorphous Calcium Magnesium Carbonate to High Magnesium Calcite

Um, W. 13e/505/Mon Immobilization of High-Sulfate Radioactive Waste Solution by Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer Wate Form
05o/206/Wed 99Tc Sequestration Using Nickel-Doped Iron Spinel
05o/14:30/Thu Beryllium Solubility, Hydrolysis and Sorption in Cementitious Systems
04f/10:15/Fri Kinetics of Co-mingled 99Tc and Cr(VI) Removal from Nuclear Waste Streams Using Fe(OH)2(s)

Umberhocker, K.A. 03a/36/Mon Revealing High-Resolution Volcanic Stratigraphy and Rock-Fluid Interaction by XRF Core Scanning

Umbo, S. 08g/08:30/Tue 08g/333/Tue Reconstructing North Atlantic Palaeotemperatures: An Evaluation of Clumped Isotopes as Part of Multiproxy Foraminiferal Investigations

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