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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Takaya, Y. Not scheduled In situ Mineral Precipitation Experiment by Using a Deep-Sea Artificial Hydrothermal Vent
Not scheduled Fluctuation of Osmium Isotope Composition Recorded in Cenozoic Pelagic Brown Clay from the Western North Pacific Ocean
Not scheduled Effect of Coexisting Elements on the Formation of Dawsonite Under Weakly Alkaline Condition
Not scheduled REY-Rich Mud: An Overview from Scientific and Engineering Perspectives

Takayanagi, H. Not scheduled High Precision Analysis of Radiogenic Sr Isotope Ratios of Modern and Quaternary Oceans

Takazawa, E. Not scheduled The PGE and Os Isotope Variations in the Mantle Transition Zone from the Samail Ophiolite from the Oman Drilling Project Cores
Not scheduled Titanium Isotope Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle
Not scheduled A Core Formation Ni Isotope Signature in Earth’s Mantle
Not scheduled Physical Properties of the MohoTZ: Implications from Recent Drilling Projects

Takehara, M. Not scheduled Development of U-Pb and REE Analyses of Uraninite Using an Ion Microprobe

Takei, Y. Not scheduled Magnesium and Strontium Isotopic Fractionations during Experimental Water-Rock Interactions at 300℃, 500 Bars

Takenaka, L. Not scheduled Lithosphere Features from Garnet Xenocrysts of the Western Edge of São Francisco Craton, Brazil

Takikawa, T. Not scheduled Au-Ag Mineralization in Togi Vein Type Deposits, Ishikawa, Japan

Takodjou Wambo, J.D. Not scheduled Geological Characteristics of the Gouap Banded Iron Formations, Ntem Complex, Southern Cameroon

Takuda, A. Not scheduled Au-Ag Mineralization in Togi Vein Type Deposits, Ishikawa, Japan

Talaga, D. Not scheduled Hygroscopic Behavior and Chemical Composition Evolution of Aerosols Generated from Mixture Solutions of 3-Methyl-1, 2, 3-butanetricarboxylic Acid (MBTCA) and NaCl

Talavera, C. Not scheduled 3.6-3.7 Ga Gneisses of the São Francisco Craton, Brazil: South America's Oldest Rocks
Not scheduled Rutile (Zr, U–Pb) in a Metamorphic Setting: An Example from the Amphibolites of the Bergen Arcs

Tallec, G. Not scheduled C-Q Relationships Viewed by High Frequency Temporal Monitoring of Rivers

Tamaki, H. Not scheduled Origin of Methane in Hakuba Happo Serpentinite-Hosted Hot Spring: 14C and Noble Gas Study

Tamarova, A. Not scheduled Minor Elements in Bridgmanite: Review of Experimental Data

Tambach, T. Not scheduled Waterflooding for Improved Oil Recovery: Cation Exchange Makes the Difference

Tamborski, J.J. Not scheduled Conceptual Uncertainties in Radium and Radon Mass Balances to Estimate Groundwater and Porewater Fluxes
Not scheduled Global Inputs of Dissolved Silica from Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Not scheduled Spatial Variability of Inorganic Carbon Export from Intertidal Salt Marshes
Not scheduled A Review of the Ra Isotopes as SGD Tracers

Tamburello, G. Not scheduled MultiGAS Survey from Low-T° Fumaroles in a Tropical Environment. Effects from Internal and External Forcing: Example from La Soufriere de Guadeloupe (FWI)

Tamburini, F. Not scheduled Phosphorus Dynamics on Temperate Forest Soils: A Dual Isotopes Approach
Not scheduled Insights onto Se Speciation in Soils and the Role of Organic Matter Using SEC-Uv-ICP-MS/MS

Tamura, N. Not scheduled Fallout Debris from the Hiroshima Atomic Cloud of August 6, 1945

Tamura, Yoshihiko Not scheduled Evolution of the N-Izu Rear Arc Magma Source as Revealed by the Site U1437 of IODP Exp. 350

Tamura, Yujiro Not scheduled Iron Species in Plagioclase: Towards the Understanding on Magnetite Exsolution in Plagioclase

Tan, C. Not scheduled Experimental Perspectives on Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Chemistry at Mid-Ocean Ridges

Tan, Jingqiang Not scheduled From Oxidation to Hydration in Chemical Signatures of Metagenomes

Tan, Jun Not scheduled Origin of Early Cretaceous high-Ti and Low-Ti Mafic Dike Swarms in the Wulong Gold District, Eastern North China Craton

Tan, Q. Not scheduled Large Variability of Springtime African Dust in Recent Decades: A Consistent Characterization from Multiple Remote Sensing Observations

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