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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Tabuteau, H. 13m/16:00/Th Representative Behaviour of Nanoplastics in a Salinity Gradient: a Micro-Chip to go One Step Further?

Tacail, T. 12c/500/Tu Measuring Geological and Biological Potassium Stable Isotope Ratios with Proteus Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS

Tachi, Y. 13e/497/Mo Se(-II) Immobilization in Fe(II)-(hydro)oxides: Coprecipitation and Post-Transformation Behavior

Tackley, P. 01d/09:05/Mo 01d/8/Th Thermo-Compositional Evolution of Solid Mantle in Contact with Magma Oceans: Study with a Phase Change Boundary Condition
03c/15:00/Tu Geodynamic Models and Geological Evidence for Non-Subduction Generation of Archean TTG Crust

Tadesse, A.Z.

Taenzer, L. 11b/17:00/We The Origin of 12CH2D2 Depletions in Microbialgenic Methane Gases

Tagawa, S. 02i/20/Mo Liquid Immiscibility in the Fe-S-H System at High Pressure

Tagliabue, A. 10k/10:45/We Impact of Hydrothermal Venting on Iron and Chromium Supply to the North Atlantic Ocean

Taillefert, M. 12f/17:15/Th Combining Geochemical Measurements and Omics to Investigate Competitive Anaerobic Redox Dynamics in Sediments

Taiping, Z. 06f/291/Tu Late Mesozoic Magmatism and Tectonic Evolution in the Southern Margin of the North China Craton

Tait, A. 11e/09:30/Tu Waste Not, Want Not: New Approaches to Alkaline Earth and Transition Metal Resource Recovery from Mine Tailings

Tait, D. 13e/15:45/Mo Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Associated Nutrient Inputs into an Urban Estuary (Sydney Harbour, Australia)

Tait, K. 04b/08:30/Th Apatite: A Nanoscale Story-Teller of Lunar Geological History

Takahashi, E. 02g/34/Tu Role of Oceanic Crust in Deep Water Cycle
06a/10:45/We Presence of Eclogite in the Magma Source Region of Hawaiian Plume
03m/101/We Zircon Solubility in Supercritical Fluids and Zirconium Mobilization in Subduction Zones

Takahashi, H. 03f/10:20/Tu 03f/73/We Origin of Methane in Hakuba Happo Serpentinite-Hosted Hot Spring: 14C and Noble Gas Study

Takahashi, S. 08h/362/Mo Chemical Species of Iron and Molybdenum in Deep-Sea Sedimentary Rocks Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary

Takahashi, T. 06a/219/We Deep Crustal Magma Differentiation of Late Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks beneath Northenr Fossa Magna, Central Japan

Takahashi, Y. 05g/15:05/Mo 05g/261/Tu Microscopic Analyses of Weathered Granite Soil in Ion Adsorption Rare Earth Ore of China
05d/188/Mo Effective Removal of Oxyanions from Aqueous Solution by Coprecipitated with Barite
08h/362/Mo Chemical Species of Iron and Molybdenum in Deep-Sea Sedimentary Rocks Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary
11e/459/Mo Geochemistry of REY Carriers within REY-Rich Muds in the Pacific Ocean
13e/514/Mo Comparison of Radiocesium-Bearing Microparticles of Different Shape and Elemental Distribution by Multiple Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Analyses
10k/15:15/Tu 10k/395/We Relations between Fractional Solubility and Trace Metals Species in Marine Aerosol
12h/17:15/We Molecular Geochemistry of Interactions of Various Hard Cations and Phyllosilicates Related to their Environmental Behaviors and Isotope Fractionation
10k/371/We Iron Stable Isotope Ratios of Aerosols from Various Sources to Investigate Origins of Fe Transported to the North Pacific
01h/09:30/Th Hydrothermal Sulfate Reduction as a Posssible Sink of Sulfate in Europa
04o/174/Th Speciations of Copper Coprecipitated in Calcite and Aragonite: An Analog Study for Magnesium in Aragonite
10f/17:00/Fr Estimation of Emission Source of Sulfate Aerosol Collected in the Northwestern Region in Japan

Takahata, N. 03o/91/Mo Two Kinds of Authigenic Xenotime Overgrowths in Response to an Early Paleozoic Tectonothermal Event in South China
10i/423/Mo Helium Isotopes Reveal Continuous and Intensive Degassing in Kagoshima Bay, Japan
02g/10:15/Tu Focussed Degassing of Stored Carbon
02g/15:10/Tu 02g/43/Tu Nitrogen Solubility in Stishovite Under High P-T: Formation of “Hidden” Nitrogen Reservoir in the Deep Mantle via Subducting Slabs
11e/17:15/Tu Discovery of New Morphotypes in ca. 1.9 Ga Gunflint Microfossils and their Complex Structure and Heterogeneous Chemistry
03k/83/We Helium Isotopic Signature of the Plate Boundary Suture in an Active Arc-Continent Collision Setting, Eastern Taiwan
04f/153/Th Four Years Dynamics (2013-2016) of Tritium in Environmental Water at Fukushima Evacuation Zone
08k/306/Th High Resolution Analysis of Bivalve Shell by NanoSIMS

Takai, K. 05k/234/Th In situ Mineral Precipitation Experiment by Using a Deep-Sea Artificial Hydrothermal Vent

Takamasa, A. 02i/09:15/Mo High Precision 182W/184W of Ocean Island and LIP Basalts from Deep Mantle

Takano, S. 10k/15:25/Tu 10k/377/We Distribution of Scavenged-Type Trace Metals (Al, Mn, Co, and Pb) and Fe in the North Pacific Ocean
10k/381/We Improved Isotopic Analysis for Ni, Cu, and Zn and its Application to Natural Water Samples
10k/383/We Determination of Stable Isotope Ratio of Tungsten in Seawater Using Chelate Resin Column Extraction

Takano, Y. 01h/9/We Detection of Nucleobases and Dipeptides in Organic Residues Formed by Photochemical Reactions in Interstellar Ice Analogs

Takase, T. 13e/510/Mo Interaction of Strontium and its Geochemical Companion Elements with Eco-Compliant Mixed Chelator and Impact on the Corresponding Dissolution from the Soil

Takasu, A. 03m/10:15/Th Cryo-FIB-SEM-Edx Analysis of Fluid Inclusions Reveals the Deep Fluid Chemistry

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