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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Saad, S. 05j/211/Th Geochemical Trends in Core, Gases and Produced Fluids from Ten Fields in the Montney Formation, Canada

Saal, A. 08i/09:45/Tu Long Geochemical Streaks in the Hawaiian Plume
02a/19/Th A Preliminary Evaluation of Volatiles Content in Melt Inclusion in Monogenetic Centers of the Central Andean Volcanic Zone (Northern of Chile)
02a/10:00/Fr Carbon in the Convecting Mantle: Erik Hauri’s Legacy
02a/10:30/Fr Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the Andean Back Arc (34º-38ºS)

Saaltink, M.W. 13i/16:15/Mo Water Quality Challenges in Managed Aquifer Recharge
13e/520/Mo Using a Simple Analytical Solution to Asses the Distribution of Radon and Radium Isotopes in a Coastal Aquifer
13i/550/Tu Reactive Transport Modeling of Microbial-Mediated Degradation in MAR
05o/17:15/Th Geochemical Reactions and Tritium Transport in Concrete Cells for Storing Radioactive Waste
13a/11:15/Fr A Procedure for Analysing the Effect of Heat on Chemical Reactions in Aquifers

Saar, M.O. 04d/09:45/Mo The Contribution of Nanoscale Pores to Anomalous Trace Element Release during Dolomite Dissolution
05h/14:45/Mo Accelerating Chemical Kinetics for Geochemical Modeling
13a/10:15/Fr Coupled Geochemical-Mechanical Evolution during Injection of CO2-charged Brine into Sandstones

Sabadel, A. 11b/15:00/We Climate Change Impact on Coastal Particulate Organic Matter Cycling and Nutritional Value, Using Amino Acid Concentrations and Stable Isotopes

Sabanina, I. 03h/76/We Hydrogeochemical Conditions of the West Siberian Megabasin

Sabata i Villardell, N. 08g/328/Tu Geochemistry of the Coccoliths: Proxy of Surface Water Conditions or of Resilience of Coccolithophores Facing Climate Change ?

Sabater, L. 12c/474/Tu Zinc Isotope Investigations into Neuropeptide Aggregation

Săbău, G. 04k/196/Tu Advances in High-Performance LA-Icp-TOF-MS Imaging
03j/10:15/Th 03j/96/Th Ultra-Fast and Beyond: LA ICP MS Isotope Ratio Mapping of Zircon at 500 Hz

Sabeva, R. 05g/248/Tu LA-ICP-MS of Pyrite from Sericitic Alteration: Zlatousha and Pishtene Ore Occurrences, Western Srednogorie, Bulgaria

Sachs, J.P. 11b/14:30/We Tropical Climate Response to the Ocean Circulation Disruption 8200 yr ago from Lipid δ2H in Palau & Galápagos Lake Sediments
08f/10:30/Th Deep-Sea Oxygen Depletion and Ocean Carbon Sequestration during the Last Ice Age

Sachs, S. 13e/17:20/Mo 13e/521/Mo Time Dependence of the Bioassociation Behavior of U(VI) and Eu(III) with Brassica Napus Cells

Sachse, D. 09b/11:15/We Riverine Particulate Organic Matter Sourcing Varies Across the Himalaya
08a/276/We Insolation Influence on Late Pleistocene-Holocene Hydrology of the Southern Iberian Peninsula

Sadeghi, M. 04c/15:45/Tu Geochemical Behaviour and Mineral Potential of Critical Elements in Swedish Till

Sadekov, A. 05g/15:15/We Uptake of Uranium by Carbonate Crystallization from Reduced and Oxidized Hydrothermal Fluids

Sadler, P. 08d/09:15/Mo 08d/345/Mo Bioavailable Fe Supply by Aeolian Dust to the North Atlantic

Saeed, M. 08g/10:30/Tu Coral Chemists: Decoupling the Carbonate System to Survive

Saeed, R.

Saetveit, N. 10k/366/We Automated Processing of Seawater Samples for Iron Isotope Ratio Determination

Sáez, A. 08g/09:15/We Tracking Human and Regional Climate Changes in Lake Sediment Records from Flores Island, the Azores

Sáez, R. 05i/200/Th REE-Mineralogical Characterization of Mine Wastes and Revalorization of the Palabora Igneous Complex
05k/244/Th Gold in Massive Sulfides of the Iberian Pyrite Belt

Safonov, O. 06f/15:45/Tu Fast Assimilation of Serpentinized Mantle by Basaltic Magma
06f/297/Tu 06f/15:00/Th Subisobaric Cooling of Mafic Xenoliths from the Udachnaya Kimberlite Pipe, Siberia
03c/16:45/We Carbonate-Bearing Source of Fluids in Leucocratic Granitoids Associated with Granulites of the Southern Marginal Zone, Limpopo Complex, South Africa: A Case of Study of Carbonate-Silicate Inclusions in Garnet

Sageman, B.B. 08h/10:15/Mo Thermal and Paleoceanographic Responses to OAE2 from Δ47 Geochemistry and a Refined Chronostratigraphy
08i/378/Mo Calcium Isotope Evidence for Environmental Change Before and Across the K-Pg Extinction
08l/17:00/Th Calcium Isotope Composition (δ44/40Ca) of Bulk Carbonate Spanning Ocean Anoxic Event 2: Kinetic Effects or Diagenesis?

Saha, A. 06a/15:45/We Metasomatism of Indian Ocean MOR Mantle: Evidences from Geochemical Signatures of Carlsberg Ridge Basalts

Saha, D. 03c/58/Tu Barberton Type Meta-Komatiites from Singhbhum Craton, India: A Window into Paleoarchean Mantle
03l/15:00/Fr Coupled MORB and Arc Signatures from a Neoarchean Greenstone Belt, Central India: Intra-Oceanic Double-Sided Subduction

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