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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Ramírez-Ramírez, B. 06g/234/Wed The Epazoyucan-Sierra de Pachuca Oligocene-Miocene Silicic Volcanism: Its Relation to the Sierra Madre Occidental and to the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt Magmatism, Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence

Ramkissoon, N. 01h/11/Wed Modelling the Rock-Water Interactions in the Sub-Surface Environment of Enceladus
11h/10:30/Fri Simulation Experiments to Identify Potential Martian Bio-Signatures

Rammu, H. 11h/17:15/Thu Lipid Vesicles as Protocells at the Origin of Life in Alkaline Hydrothermal Vents

Ramos, F. 06k/10:15/Mon 06k/324/Tue Recharge and Remobilization of a Messy Crystal Mush Pile: The Bandelier Tuff
06k/11:15/Tue Pushing the Limits of Ra/Th Dating: Applications Using Very few or Single Crystals in Young Volcanic Systems
13k/500/Wed Lead Isotopes and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Galveston Bay, TX

Ramos-Román, M.J. 08a/276/Wed Insolation Influence on Late Pleistocene-Holocene Hydrology of the Southern Iberian Peninsula

Rampe, E.B. 01a/14:30/Mon Was Ancient Mars Warm and Wet or Cold and Icy? Mineral Signatures of Climate in Rover, Orbiter, and Terrestrial Analog Studies
02f/40/Wed 02f/09:50/Thu Machine Learning in Predicting Multi-Component Mineral Compositions in Gale Crater, Mars
04g/15:15/Thu Dissolution of Apatite: Micro and Nanoscale Insights

Rampe, L. 01a/16:45/Mon Formation of Akaganeite on Mars

Rampen, S. 11h/09:45/Fri Steroid Preservation in Hypersaline Microbial Mats

Rampino, M.R. 07a/17:00/Wed Was Terrestrial End-Permian Mass Extinction Linked to Explosive Magmatic Arc Volcanism?

Rampone, E. 06f/15:00/Tue The Role of Melt-Rock Reaction in Creating Enriched-Morb Mantle Sources
06f/15:30/Tue Melt-Peridotite Reactions in a Veined Mantle: Pyroxenite-Peridotite Experiments at 2 GPa

Ran, L. 10h/397/Thu Asymmetric Response of Sinking Biogenic Flux to ENSO Oscillation in the Central South China Sea

Ran, Q. 05j/10:00/Fri Geochemical Characteristics of Jurassic Coal-Formed Gas in Northwest China

Randriamamonjy, S. 13i/17:15/Tue 13i/565/Tue Can the Addition of Bacterial Siderophores Help in the Phytoremediation of Vinyard Soils?

Ranero, C. 03f/17:00/Wed The Significance of Deformation and Hydration of Incoming Plates at Subduction Trenches

Ranjan, P. 11h/16:30/Fri Habitability of Methane Hydrates: Insights from Omics


Rankoroane, T. 13i/11:00/Tue Remediation Catalyses of AMD by Indigenous Microorganisms during Chemical Treatment

Ransby, D. 10c/08:45/Fri No Evidence for 20th Century Acceleration in Fossil Carbon Supply to the Ocean from Thawing Permafrost in the Lena River Catchment

Ranta, E. 06e/17:00/Mon Origin of Large Chlorine Isotope Variability in Icelandic Rhyolites
05p/265/Tue Natural Carbon Sequestration by Ikaite in Ikka Fjord, Greenland

Rantitsch, G. 09b/356/Wed The Geochemical Landscapes of the Tiber River Basin (Central Italy) as a Product of Chemical and Physical Weathering

Rao, D.V.S. 06a/210/Wed Geochemical Characterization and Nd Isotopic Study of Mesoproterozoic high-Ti and Low-Ti Mafic Volcanic Rocks from Betul Chhindwara Belt, CITZ, India

Rao, M.S.

Rao, W. 12h/459/Wed Chemical Speciation of Phosphorus in Surface Sediments from the China Coast, Yellow Sea: Controlling Factor and Bio-Availability
12a/11:00/Fri Seasonal Variations of Phosphorus Species in Surface Sediments of the Three Gorges Reservoir

Rao, X. 10k/385/Wed Constraining Diagenetic Barium Cycling with Pore-Water Stable Barium Isotopes

Raposeiro, P.M. 08g/09:15/Wed Tracking Human and Regional Climate Changes in Lake Sediment Records from Flores Island, the Azores

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