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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Johnson, Rodney 10h/15:15/Fr Impact of Major Hurricanes on the Deep Ocean

Johnson, Thomas 04f/153/Th Four Years Dynamics (2013-2016) of Tritium in Environmental Water at Fukushima Evacuation Zone

Johnson, Thomas M. 12c/08:30/Tu Development and Application of “non-Chon” Isotopes for Earth Surface Studies: The Geochemical Legacy of Tom Bullen
12c/09:00/Tu Isotopic Fingerprint of Se Reduction in Groundwater: Results from a Field Experiment
12c/488/Tu 12c/15:45/We Isotopic Fractionation of Antimony (Sb) during Sorption of Sb(III) and Sb(V) to Goethite and Illite

Johnson, Tim E. 03a/15:45/Mo Timescales of Archaean Magmatism
03c/14:30/Tu On the Emergence of Plate Tectonics
03c/16:15/Tu TTG Formation: Water-Present Melting as an Alternative to High-Pressure Melting
03c/16:45/Tu Unveiling Hidden Processes in Archean Rocks with Petrochronology
04b/15:00/We Correlative Microanalysis of a Unique, Chondritic, Precambrian Impactor

Johnson, W. 06g/15:45/Tu Petrogenesis of Arc Lavas: Lessons from Bougainville Island

Johnson-Finn, K. 05h/10:15/Mo Using Electrochemistry to Probe Hydrothermal Organic Transformations on Magnetite

Johnston, D. 10b/15:00/Tu Volcanic Controls on Seawater Sulfate over the Past 120 Million Years

Johnston, R. 03m/16:30/Th The Development of a Subduction Channel Serpentinite Reservoir: Insights from IODP Expedition 366 Recovered Solids and Fluids

Johnston, Scott Gregory 12e/10:00/Mo Sb Release and Fe Transformations during Sulfidization of Sb(V)-bearing Ferrihydrite

Johnston, Stephen 03n/10:15/Th Blowing in the Mantle Wind: Migration of Cordilleran Arcs

Jokulsdottir, T. 10h/17:15/Fr A 3-D Globlal Model of Marine Particles

Jolayemi, O. 03a/55/Mo Volcanological and Chemical Comparison of Rhyolites from Different Stratigraphic Units of the Rooiberg Group, Bushveld Magmatic Province

Jolis, E.M. 02c/15:30/Th St. Helena Type HIMU Plume Involved in Zealandia-Antarctica Breakup

Jolivet, C. 13d/11:00/Th Spatial Distribution of Trace Metals in Soils of Southwestern France

Jollands, M. 06k/10:00/Tu Decoding the Kinetic Rulebook: H Diffusion in Quartz

Jolley, A. 14b/11:00/Mo MAGNET in Hawaii: The Future of Active Teaching and Learning in Geochemistry is in the Field

Jolliff, B. 01a/14:45/Tu Volatile Traps in a Lunar Landslide. An Example from the Unopened Apollo 17 Double Drive Tube
02a/08:40/Th 02a/20/Th Mass Balance for the Bulk Moon K Budget and Isotopic Composition

Jollivet, P. 10a/11:15/Fr Influence of Glass Composition on Vapor Hydration of Nuclear Waste Glasses

Jon Ove, E. 07a/11:00/Th Extending the Seawater Os Isotope Curve Through the Lower Paleozoic

Jónasson, K. 06e/17:00/Mo Origin of Large Chlorine Isotope Variability in Icelandic Rhyolites
04d/101/Mo Seafloor Alteration Traced by Stable Isotope (δ44Ca, δ34S, δ18O) Fractionation of Sulfates
03g/10:00/We Multi Isotopic (δ56Fe, δ34S, Δ33S) Constraints on the Origin and Mineralization of Sulfide in the Oceanic Crust

Jones, Aaron

Jones, Adrian 05q/233/Mo 05q/09:15/Tu 05q/17:15/We Tracing Fluid Retention in Gas Shales Using Noble Gases

Jones, Celia 12h/438/We Risk Management of As in the Agricultural Soils of Europe

Jones, Clay

Jones, Clive 01h/15/We 01h/10:45/Th Identifying Biogenic Signatures in Pyrite by Combining Sulfur Isotopes and Trace Elements Analyses

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