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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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De Souza, G. 10j/10:15/Tu Biogeochemical Behaviour of Cd and Zn in Eastern-Boundary OMZs
10k/379/We Influence of Seasonal Variability on Zn Cycling in OGCMs with Different Spatial Resolutions
10k/08:30/Th Iron Cycling in the Upper Southern Ocean – Insights from Fe Isotopes

de Urreiztieta, M. 04f/11:00/Fr Fallout Debris from the Hiroshima Atomic Cloud of August 6, 1945

de Wael, K. 11g/14:30/Th Altruistic Electrical Cooperation in Multicellular Cable Bacteria
11g/14:45/Th Electrical Interactions between Cable Bacteria and Other Microbes in Marine Sediments

De Windt, L. 13c/15:15/Tu Modeling Bioremediation of As-Rich Acid Mine Drainage in a Flow Reactor

De Wolf, S. 08b/17:15/We Quantifying the CO2 Sequestration Potential of Enhanced Silicate Weathering in Coastal Environments

De Yoreo, J. 04j/09:30/Tu Behavior of Water in a Lipid-Clay Film

de Zwart, B-R. 05h/15:00/Mo Waterflooding for Improved Oil Recovery: Cation Exchange Makes the Difference

Deady, E.A. 06i/16:45/Th Subducted Sediments as a Source for REE in Mineralised Post-Collisional Alkaline-Carbonatite Systems

Deans, J. 06k/16:15/Mo Emplacement and Evolution of a Mushy Magma Reservoir in the Slow-Spread Lower Oceanic Crust

Deb, G. 03c/58/Tu Barberton Type Meta-Komatiites from Singhbhum Craton, India: A Window into Paleoarchean Mantle
03l/15:00/Fr Coupled MORB and Arc Signatures from a Neoarchean Greenstone Belt, Central India: Intra-Oceanic Double-Sided Subduction

Debaille, V. 08i/08:30/Tu Sedimentary Markers of Ocean Plateau Volcanism during the Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
01a/11:15/Tu Neodymium Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Chondrites, the End of the Story?
01a/17/Tu Rare Earth Element Distribution and Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd Isotopic Effects in Antarctic H and CM Chondrites
03f/66/We Serpentinization: An Explanation for the Current Methan Detection on Mars?
04b/143/We Unmelted Antarctic Micrometeorites at the Nanoscale
06l/11:15/Th An Isotopic Study of VMS Deposit Systems from the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus

Debajyoti Paul, D.P. 07c/277/Th Average Chemical Composition of Indian Shale Composite: Implication for Chemical Weathering and Provenance

DeBari, S. 03m/122/We Evolution of the N-Izu Rear Arc Magma Source as Revealed by the Site U1437 of IODP Exp. 350

Debiec-Andrzejewska, K. 13i/543/Tu Enhancing the Phytoremediation of Arsenic Contaminated Soil by the Use of Arsenite-Oxidizing Bacteria

DeBlasis, P. 12c/17:00/Tu The Influence of Diet on Zn Isotope Ratios in Mammal Tissues: What can We Learn from Archeological Skeletal Remains?

Debnath, R.

Debret, B. 03k/16:15/We The Intrinsic Nature of Antigorite Breakdown at 3 GPa: Experimental Constrains on Redox Conditions of Serpentinite Dehydration in Subduction Zones
03k/96/We Evaluating Volatile Fluxes in Subduction Systems Using Stable Isotope Tracers
03m/16:45/Th Boron Isotopes in Metamorphic Olivine Record External Fluid Infiltration during Serpentinite Dehydration in Subduction Zones

DeBruyn, M. 12c/498/Tu Comparing Ozone and Nitrous Oxide as Reaction Cell Gases for Rb-Sr Isotope Analyses with QQQ ICPMS

Debure, M. 13a/16:45/Th Modelling of Early Diagenesis of Lacustrine Carbonates Associated with Mg-Silicates

Declercq, J. 05c/11:00/Tu Geochemistry in the Mine Life Cycle
05c/15:50/We Potential for Hydrogen Generation in Underground Mines

DeConto, R. 08a/10:45/Th Using Geochemical Data to Constrain the Climatic and Ice-Cover History of Greenland

Decraene, M-N. 04k/14:45/We S-Isotope Determination of Nano-Pyrites by NanoSIMS Imaging: Application to Biominerals in Precambrian Stromatolites
07c/15:00/Th Microscale Characterization of Pyrites from Archean Sediments Brings New Constrains on Past Microbial Metabolisms
07c/17:00/Th Iron Isotopes in Micropyrites from the 2.7 Ga Tumbiana Formation (Western Australia)

Decree, S. 06l/11:15/Th An Isotopic Study of VMS Deposit Systems from the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus

Deditius, A.P. 04c/08:30/Tu Nanoscale Isotopic and Chemical Zonation of Ore Minerals
04c/16:20/Tu 04c/175/Tu Sulfidation and Desulfidation in a Polymetallic orebody—Artemis Prospect, NW Queensland, Australia

Dee, S. 08a/15:00/Th Decoding Past, Present, and Future Changes in the Large-Scale Circulation with Water Isotopes

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