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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Davis, D. 08k/300/Th U-Pb in Fossil Tortoise Shell: A Potential Geochronometer for Sedimentation

Davis, K. 08l/09:25/Tu 08l/332/Th Coral Reef Calcification Estimates at One Tree Island, Great Barrier Reef: Evidence for Ecosystem Recovery
12a/16:00/Th Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Coral Reefs: A Driver or Buffer of Ocean Acidification?
12a/16:15/Th Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Nutrient Fluxes in a Natural Mangrove Versus an Artificial Canal Estate

Davis, S. 08g/352/Tu Reducing Sample Size on the IBEX Automated Clumped Isotope System: Preliminary Results

Davison, T. 04b/15:30/We Earth’s Oldset Preserved Impact Structure – Yarrabubba, Western Australia

Davranche, M. 12h/16:30/We Calcium as a Booster of Fe-Om Nanoaggregate Sorption Capacities: Insights from a Multiscal Investigation
04o/16:45/Fr Structural Organization and Formation of Iron-Organic Matter Nanoaggregates: A Kinetic Approach Coupling Quick-EXAFS and MCR-Als Chemometry

Davtian, N. 08g/08:55/Tu 08g/369/Tu Western Mediterranean Sea Paleothermometry over the Last Glacial Cycle Based on the Novel RI-Oh Index

Davy, P. 09b/349/We Enhanced Chemical Weathering by Subsurface Flow Below Knickpoints

Dawson, D. 02g/37/Tu Nitrogen Speciation in Silicate Melts by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Dawson, K. 11c/441/Tu Correlating the Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology of a Cold Methane Seep in the Costa Rica Pacific Margin
13i/557/Tu Production of Extracellular Sulfite by Shewanella oneidensis MR1

Dawson, R. 08g/09:45/We Cretaceous Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures from Bulk Foraminiferal Clumped Isotope Thermometery

Day, C. 08g/09:05/Tu 08g/365/Tu Li Isotopes in Inorganic Carbonates – Proxy-Development for Localized and Global Weathering

Day, J.M.D. 03a/17:00/Mo A Mantle Origin for Columbia River Flood Basalts from Combined Os-Sr-Nd Isotope Systematics
04c/09:00/Tu Mantle Origin for Gold Associated with the Yellowstone Plume
04c/11:15/Tu Origin and Provenance of Emeralds
02c/09:20/Th 02c/38/Th Lithophile-Siderophile Constraints on Hadean Processes Preserved in Hotspot Sources
02c/16:00/Th Contrasting Old and Young Volcanism at Aitutaki, Cook Inlands: Evidence for a Distinct Rarotonga Hotspot?

Day, M.C. 04l/145/Mo Bond Topology of Chain, Ribbon and Tube Silicates

Day, R. 08g/338/Tu Paleoceanographic Utility and Calcification Mechanisms of Stylasterid Corals

Day, S. 05c/08:30/Tu Development of an Alternative PAG Management Strategy at a Coal Mine in British Columbia, Canada

Dazas, B. 04j/09:00/Tu Dielectric Spectroscopy of Water and Ions in Clay Interlayer Nanopores from Experiments and Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Dæssing-Overheu, N. 13m/521/We Use of X-Ray µ-CT to Trace the Transport Behaviour of Sulfidised Zerovalent Iron in Porous Media

de Beer, D. 10i/11:00/Mo Geochemistry of a Shallow-Water Hydrothermal Vent System within a Tropical Coral Reef (D’Entrecasteaux Islands, PNG)
07a/10:45/We Spinning Down to Oxygen: How did the Moon’s Retreat Cause Microbial Mats to Accumulate Oxygen in the Atmosphere?
12f/16:25/We 12f/425/We Sulfur Cycling in Beach Sands Covered by Kelp Deposits
07a/265/We 07a/15:15/Th The Moon and Cyanobacteria: Role of day Length and Microbial Mats in Earth’s Oxygenation
07e/15:00/Fr A Secret Forest Under the Salt Crust – High-Altitude Andean Salt Flats as an Analogue to Photosynthetic Microhabitats on Ancient Earth

de Boer, E.J. 08g/09:15/We Tracking Human and Regional Climate Changes in Lake Sediment Records from Flores Island, the Azores

De Campos, C. 06h/281/Mo How Powerful can Melt Inclusions be for the Study of Early Cretaceous LIPs?

De Carvalho, L. 10k/14:45/We Distribution of Conservative and Reactive Trace Metals in Different Size Fractions in the Amazon River-Seawater Mixing Continuum

De Cassan, M. 13d/492/We 13d/15:40/Th Assessment of Heavy Metals Contamination in Sediment from the Khnifiss Lagoon (SW-Morocco)

De Clercq, S. 04d/99/Mo Characterisation and Geodynamic Context of the Granite Intrusions in the Karagwe-Ankole Belt in Rwanda

de Diego, A. 12f/10:00/Fr Carbon Dioxide Emissions from High Altitude Lakes in Relation with their Geochemistry
13f/16:00/Fr Speciation and Fate of Hg and Se Species in the Water Column of High Altitude Lakes (Pyrenees)

de Dreuzy, J-R. 09b/349/We Enhanced Chemical Weathering by Subsurface Flow Below Knickpoints

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