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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Dal Bo, F. 05d/179/Mo Vesuvianite from the High-Temperature Skarn Occurrences from Romania

Dal Corso, J. 06h/10:15/Mo Deep Carbon in CAMP and the T-J Mass Extinction: New Perspectives on LIPs Through Melt Inclusions
08i/15:15/Mo Evaluating the Source of the Mercury Spike at the p-T Boundary

Dalai, P. 11h/15:30/Th Photocatalytic Mineral-Promoted Protometabolic Pathway
11h/15:45/Th RNA Adsorption and Polymerization: Mineral Surface-Catalyzed Non-Enzymatic Polymerization of Ribonuleotides

Dalai, T.K. 10k/15:15/We 87Sr/86Sr in the Ganga (Hooghly) River Estuary, India: Radiogenic vs. Unradiogenic Source of Sr
10k/15:30/We Solute-Particle Interaction as a Source of Dissolved Molybdenum in the Ganga (Hooghly) River Estuary
09b/351/We Geochemical and Isotopic Investigation of Particulate Organic Carbon in the Ganga (Hooghly) River Estuary: Source Composition or Estuarine Degradation?

Dalby, K.N. 13o/16:15/Fr Sorption of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate by Hydrotalcite-Like Compounds

Dalcin Martins, P. 10j/14:30/Tu Microbial Interactions Under Carbon, Sulfur, and Nitrogen-Cycling Conditions in an Anoxic Bioreactor

Dalconi, M.C. 01e/9/Mo 01e/14:35/Tu Origin of Diamonds in Ureilites

Dale, A.W. 10j/10:00/Tu Sedimentary Cycling and Fluxes of Bio-Essential Trace Metals in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone
11e/15:30/Tu Bioenergetics of Microbial Life in Marine Sediments

Dale, C. 01d/3/Th Isotopic Evidence for the Origin and Fate of the Late Veneer

Dali Sahi, M. 12c/16:30/Tu Copper Isotope in Serum of Thyroid Cancer Patients

Dalla Costa, M.M. 03i/154/Tu Are Juína Diamonds, Super Deep Diamonds?

Dallai, L. 06f/16:15/Tu Subduction-Related Hybridization of the Lithospheric Mantle in Mantle Xenoliths from Tallante (Spain)
02c/32/Th Heavy Oxygen Recycled into Lithospheric Mantle

Dallas, B. 11b/437/Tu Theoretical Estimation of the 13C/12C Fractionation between Pyruvic Acid and Alanine at the ⍺ Carbon Through the Alanine Transaminase Reaction
01h/11:00/Th Molecular Isotopic Structure as a Biosignature and Window on Molecular Origins

Dalou, C. 02b/15:15/Tu Redox Control on Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation during Planetary Core Formation
02a/08:35/Th 02a/21/Th Nitrogen Solubility in the Upper Terrestrial Magma Ocean: An Experimental Approach
06i/11:15/Fr New Constraints on Trace Element Partitioning between Minerals & Alkaline Melts

Dalton, H. 03i/09:45/Tu Petrographic and Geochemical Variations in the Kaavi-Kuopio Kimberlite Field, Finland: The Role of Mantle Assimilation

Daly, L. 09c/15:15/Mo Close Association of Aluminium and Nutrients in Glacial Meltwater

Daly, S. 04d/17:00/Mo Diffusion and Fluid-Interaction in Itrongay Pegmatite (Madagascar): The Results of in situ Ar-Ar Dating of Gem-Quality Alkali Feldspar and U-Pb Dating of Apatite Inclusions within it

Dalzell, C. 11h/10:45/Fr Life Signatures and Organic Matter Preservation at Cathedral Hill Hydrothermal Vent Site, Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California

Dam, W. 04l/15:45/Mo Uranium Mobilization Across Saturated-Unsaturated Interfaces

Damm, T. 08l/334/Th Detecting Biogenic Diagenesis in Tropical Corals
08l/09:15/Fr Endolithic Algae Affect Modern Coral Morphology and Chemistry

Dan, W. 03a/11:15/Mo Passive Margin Magmatism Caused by Enhanced Slab Pull Forces
03a/32/Mo Crustal Maturation Through Chemical Weathering and Crustal Recycling Revealed by Hf-O-B Isotopes

Danczak, R. 12a/15:00/Th Flow and Short- and Long-Term Carbon Dynamics at Tidally Impacted Coastal Interfaces in the SE USA

Daneri, G. 09c/14:30/Mo Biogeochemical Weathering and Riverine Nutrient Export during Glacier Retreat
09c/14:45/Mo The Influence of Glacier Cover on Trace Metal Input and Cycling in Patagonian Fjords

Daneshvar, E.

Dang, X. 08g/377/Tu Soil Water Content Impact on the Distribution of Archaeal Ether Lipids: Implications for a Redox Proxy

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