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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Acosta-Vigil, A. 03m/10:35/Wed 03m/133/Wed Kimberlite-Like Melts Trapped in Mantle Wedge Peridotites in Subduction Setting
06f/14:55/Thu Evidence for Cambro–Ordovician Bimodal Magmatism in the Moroccan Meseta: Geodynamic Implication

Adair, C. 12f/423/Wed Dissolved Organic Matter Biodegradation: How Substrate, Microbial Activity and Environmental Conditions Converge

Adam, F.

Adam, J. 03a/42/Mon Adakite-Like Potassic Magmatism and Crust-Mantle Interaction in a Postcollisional Setting: An Experimental Study of Melting beneath the Tibetan Plateau
03c/48/Tue The Use of the Volcanic Rock Record to Document Changes in the Earth's Thermal and Tectonic History
03c/57/Tue A New Titanium Excess Phase Saturation Thermometer for Silicate Melts with Implications for Conditions of Archean Crust Formation

Adams, B. 09c/17:00/Mon Surface Geochemistry of the Shackleton Glacier Region, Antarctica and Implications for Soil Habitability

Adams, J. 02f/09:45/Thu ENKI: A Framework for Building, Maintaining and Using Chemical Thermodynamic and Fluid Dynamical Models

Adams, M. 11a/435/Mon Large Scale-Analysis of Constraints on Microbial Community Assembly, Activity, and Dispersal in a Contaminated Subsurface Aquifer

Adams, P. 11a/435/Mon Large Scale-Analysis of Constraints on Microbial Community Assembly, Activity, and Dispersal in a Contaminated Subsurface Aquifer

Adebayo, S. 12e/17:15/Mon Rare Earth Element Cycling Across the Chemocline of the Pettaquamscutt River Estuary, Rhode Island

Adediran, G. 09h/08:30/Tue Effect of Postglacial Weathering on Phosphorus Speciation in Acid Forest Soils
12h/464/Wed Phosphorus-Bearing Particles in Leachates from Agricultural Soils
12h/09:45/Thu Molecular Speciation of Particulate Macronutrients in Leachates from Agricultural Soils

Adeleye, M.

Adeniyi, A.

Adepoju, S.A. 03n/144/Thu Provenance and Tectonic Settings of the Cretaceous Clastic Rocks in the Northern Bida Basin, North-Central Nigeria: Constrain from Geochemistry, Detrital Zircon Morphology and Typology

Ader, M. 08l/09:15/Tue Disturbances in the Late Ediacaran-Cambrian Marine Carbon Cycling Tracked Through Paired Carbon Isotope Evolution of the Bambuí Group, Brazil
07b/14:30/Tue Oxygenation: Global Tipping Point, Local Records
03g/83/Tue Ion Filtration in Oceanic Clay-Rich Sediments: Evidence from Chlorine Stable Isotopes of Pore Fluid Chlorides
13a/16:45/Thu Modelling of Early Diagenesis of Lacustrine Carbonates Associated with Mg-Silicates

Adhikari, A. 03c/49/Tue Paleoarchean (~3.3 Ga) Crustal Evolution of Eastern Iron Ore Group Greenstone Metavolcanics, Singhbhum Craton, India: Constraints from Trace Element, Sr and Sm-Nd Isotopes


Adkins, J. 08g/08:35/Tue 08g/344/Tue Trajectory and Timescale of Δ47 Equilibration in the HCO3-/CO32- Pool Under Normal and Enzymatically Catalyzed Conditions
08g/16:00/Tue Understanding Paleoceanographic Tracers in Deep-Sea Corals from a Biomineralization Perspective
08k/296/Thu High-Resolution Sulfur Isotopes from Ice Cores: Insights into Climatic Impacts of Double Eruptions over the Past 2000 Years
08l/11:15/Fri Sulfate in Biogenic Carbonates: A Simple yet Complicated Story

Adloff, M. 08a/15:45/Thu A New Modelling Framework to Investigate Trace Metal Dynamics during Carbon Cycle Perturbations

Adomako, D.

Adriana, I. 04f/145/Thu Correlations between Outdoor 222Rn Level and Concentration of 232Th and 238U in Olteț River Sediments, Romania

Aehnelt, M. 09h/396/Mon Weathering and Alteration of Carbonate Rock Interfaces in the Aeration Zone of the Hainich Critical Zone Exploratory, Germany

Aerden, D. 03j/08:30/Fri A Rapid Pulse of Garnet Growth and Deformation in the Betic Cordillera, Spain Revealed from Zoned Sm-Nd Geochronology of Spiral Garnets

Aertsen, A. 04g/15:30/Thu Bacterial Genome Plasticity and its Impact on Adaptation to Metal Contamination

Aeschbach, W. 10c/15:45/Thu First Results and Potential of Ar-39 by Argon Trap Trace Analysis in the Tropical and Subpolar North Atlantic

Affek, H.P. 08g/09:45/Wed Cretaceous Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures from Bulk Foraminiferal Clumped Isotope Thermometery
08g/14:30/Wed Carbonate 17Oexcess as a Paleo-Hydrology Proxy
08g/15:00/Wed Experimental Calibration of the Triple Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between CaCO3 and H2O

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