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My Goldschmidt

Role functions

Poster, Standard Oral and Flash Talk Presentation Details

Poster Presentation

There will be afternoon poster sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the conference from 17:30-19:30. There will be no poster session on Friday afternoon. Posters should be put up from lunch time on the day of presentation. The materials required to attach each poster to the board will be supplied. Posters should be removed between 19:30-20:00 on the day of presentation. Posters not collected by these times will be removed by the conference organizers and recycled.

The posters will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall and Entrance Foyer. Poster board numbers are given in the Program Volume and on the web site.

The poster boards are large enough to fit a size A0 poster in portrait orientation (this is 33.1" wide x 46.8" tall or 841mm wide x 1189mm tall). Oversize posters will not be displayed.

The poster sessions are from 17:30 to 19:30. Delegates should expect to be available by their poster for most of this time on the day of their presentation. If there will be any time during this period when no author can be present, a card should be left indicating when the author will next be present.

No photography or videoing is permitted at any of the poster sessions.

Unfortunately we have not been able to find any local printing shops open in the part of town near CCIB. The closest printer offering same day service is Copisteria Barcelona Copies Oh, Carrer del Consell de Cent, 43, 08014 Barcelona. From CCIB take the L4 metro line change onto the L1 at Urquinaona and take that to Hostafrancs.

Process to print the poster at Copisteria Barcelona Copies Oh. 1. e-mail the poster with preferred size and color to: factoriafactoria@gmail.com, copiesoh@gmail.com 2. wait for the conformation e-mail with estimate price (~30 euros) and time (same day) 3. take the metro to pick up the poster.

Please note that we will not be able to print items for delegates at the registration desk and the is no printing onsite at the congress centre.

Oral Presentation

Sessions with oral presentations will take place from Monday to Friday from 08.30-11.30 and 14.30-17.30.

Delegates who have prepared their presentation early may upload the talk through the Goldschmidt website. Simply log in, go to 'My Purchases' and next to your abstract click on the button 'Upload Presentation'. If your abstract was submitted by another person then the abstract will appear in their purchases and must also be uploaded through their account. This functionality is available until Saturday, 17 August 23:59 CET. Alternatively for standard talks, you may upload your talk in the room on the day of your presentation. Presenters can upload from 08:00 to 08:30 in the morning before the sessions, or between 14:00 and 14:30 before the afternoon session. All presenting authors will be sent an email including a link to the page to upload their presentation and detailed instructions on how to upload. We do recommend that all standard talk presenters bring their talk on a USB as well, for their own peace of mind.

Delegates making preparations for their presentations with Windows 10, should be sure to use Office / PowerPoint 2016, and or Adobe Reader. Delegates who have prepared their presentations using Apple Keynote should ensure the presentation has been converted to PDF or PowerPoint before uploading. The recommended aspect ratio is 16:9 with a resolution of 1920 x 1020. Use only standard fonts (such as Arial), because your own special fonts are not installed on our computers and can therefore not be depicted correctly. Embed your fonts with all characters.

Speakers should arrive at their allocated room no less than 20 minutes before the start of the first presentation in order to meet with the chairperson. All presentations must be given in English, which is the official language of the Conference. Use of tie-mics is encouraged. Please have this put on during the talk before yours, technical staff will be available to assist. Oral presentations are allocated 15 minutes and keynote talks either 15 or 30 minutes. 15-minute talks should be finished after 12 minutes, and 30-minute keynotes after 25 minutes, to leave time for discussion. The chairperson will give a first signal after 10 minutes, a warning after 12 minutes and prevent further talking after 15 minutes. It is essential for the success of the conference that the speakers keep strictly to this scheme to ensure that all parallel sessions are synchronized.

There is no speaker ready room.

Delegates are required to mute or turn off their cell phones and pagers during oral presentations. No photography or videoing is permitted in any of the oral sessions or at poster sessions. Please also respect the wishes of presenters who prefer that their results are not published on social media.

Flash Talk Presentation

All Flash Talk presentations must be given in English, which is the official language of the Conference. Flash talks are allocated 5 minutes. Talks should be finished after 4 minutes, to leave time for speaker transfer. The chairperson will give a first signal after 3 minutes and prevent further talking after 4 minutes. Speakers must keep strictly to these timings to ensure that those attending the talks get to see the presentations they came for. Flash Talks must be uploaded by Saturday 17 August 23:59 CET. Flash talk presentations cannot be uploaded onto the room laptop on the day of the presentation as there will not be time for this. If your talk is not uploaded online by 17 August, then you will have to give your presentation without any slides.

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