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My Goldschmidt

Role functions

Family Friendly

Child access

The conference welcomes the families of its delegates. Children under 15 will be welcome to enter the congress centre without their own registration. We do ask that accompanying carers register at the appropriate rate, to cover catering costs. Children may attend all sessions with you, but we ask that delegates use their common sense and remove their children from sessions if they become upset or otherwise disrupt the talks. A private space will be made available for nursing mothers within the convention centre. This will be equipped with an electrical point and comfortable seating.


The conference has appointed Noah's Ark International Day Care Center to provide onsite, subsidised childcare and a full program of activities for the children of delegates. They are well-known for their “active methodology” model that aims to develop emotional, physical and intellectual autonomy alongside professional teaching. They also focus on cultural diversity and love for children and can provide care for 6 month-12 year olds. Care is available at €10/half day, places must be booked and paid in advance. Space is limited to 20 places per session, bookings will be on a first come, first served basis and are non-refundable.

Delegates should enter the details of children onto their accounts as extra registrations (My Goldschmidt then My Purchases then "Add registration" button, selecting the option “NAME is not entering the conference centre - skip this page”), morning and afternoon sessions can then be added onto each child’s accounts. Please do not enter contact details for the children into the account, only their names, carer contact details will be used for all communications. Carers will be sent a form from Noah’s Ark (the care provider) for them to complete and return directly to Noah’s Ark so the care provider has carer contact details as well as appropriate care information for each child.

Booking for childcare places must be confirmed by payment for the full amount due. Please be aware that the costs of this service are being heavily subsidised by the conference to support the attendance of delegates with younger children.

Childcare hours are as follows:
- Morning session 08:15-12:45
- Afternoon session 14:15-17:45

Local facilities

The Centre Convencions Internarcional Barcelona (CCIB) is a 10 minute walk away from the Diagonal Mar Shopping Mall. There are over 200 shops, along with a variety of restaurants and entertainment facilities such as the bowling alley. Al Campo supermarket is located on level one of the mall, where it is simple to buy snacks and drinks without a long walk. Farma New is also available on level one for baby and medical supplies. The nearest play space can be found at Parc Diagonal Mar (an 8 minute walk from the CCIB) hosting a large, open park with contemporary water features, tubular sculptures, slides & play areas for children. The beach is also very close and just along the seafront you can find water sport activities suitable for older children.

Barcelona Attractions

Barcelona has been identified as a very child-friendly city. Park Guell, L’Aquarium Barcelona and Tibidabo Amusement Park are all great choices to create long-lasting memories whilst exploring new cultures. Cuitadella Park is not only a beautiful park with many fountains but it also hosts the city’s zoo along with a large number of play areas.

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