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Field Trips

Pre and post conference field trips.

La Garrotxa Monogenetic Volcanic Field

La Garrotxa Monogenetic Volcanic Field

Saturday 17th August 08:15 - Sunday 18th August 17:00
Price: 309€

Full details (PDF)

Two day trip with an overnight stay in Girona. Visit the Quaternary volcanism of the Catalan Volcanic Zone, one of the volcanic provinces in the Neogene-Quaternary European Rifts System, and its more recent volcanic field. Please refer to the pdf for more details.

Gourmet Wine Trip - Taste genuine Catalan wines and enjoy a delicious meal in the countryside

Gourmet Wine Trip - Taste genuine Catalan wines and enjoy a delicious meal in the countryside

Sunday 18th August 10:00-18:00

Full one day trip to discover two magic wineries that produce organic and biodynamic wines, learn and taste 8 plus delicious wines and enjoy a gourmet meal with wine pairings in the countryside. This exclusive small-group experience is organized in the Penedes wine region, famous for its cavas and fresh Mediterranean wines. The trip costs €145 per person This trip is organised by a small local tour operator in Barcelona, Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours, info@barcelonaeatlocal.com. Please see the web link above for more details on how to book and pay for the trip with the tour operator directly.

Science and Minerals of Switzerland; Post conference field-trip (4 day trip)

Science and Minerals of Switzerland; Post conference field-trip (4 day trip)

Saturday 24th August 08:00 - Tuesday 27th August 18:00
Contacts: Dmitry Tonkacheev, Evgeniia Valkova
Price: 1089€

Full details (PDF)

This field trip is now closed for booking, please contact the helpdek if you have any questions. Switzerland is by far not the cheapest place in Europe, but it has an incredible lot of things to offer. Best trains (that are always on time), breathtaking mountain pikes and gorges, well-known scientific laboratories and geological variety that can hardly be compared to any place on Earth. Our team has been organizing geological tours in Switzerland for years by now and this allows us to combine most scientifically interesting objects with popular attractions - and present to you in this tightly packed 4 day adventure. Collecting of unique minerals, stunning sceneries and detailed introduction to the geological setting make this tour attractive to a geologist of any background.

The highlights of this trip are:
1. Mont Terri Underground Rock Laboratory in Clays
2. Lengenbach quarry) and a new mineralogical museum in Canton Valais, located inside the real mountain.
3.Fianel Mn mine or Druntobel locality (depending on the participant’s choice)
4. CERN - Large hadron Collider tour or Famous Paul Sherrer institute including Swiss Light Source / Neutron Source
5. Riburg's Salt Industry
6…. and some other amazing places

Moreover, participants of this trip would have the possibility to explore some points of geological and scientific interests that are usually closed to the public.

Costa Brava-Cadaqués

Costa Brava-Cadaqués

Saturday 24th August 08:15 - Sunday 25th August 18:00
Price: 309€

Full details (PDF)

This is a two day post-conference trip to visit the Pemo-Carbonifeous granites of the Costa Brava and the Variscan terrains of Cap de Creus. Please refer to the pdf for more details. This field trip is nearly fully booked If you are interested in attending please email the helpdesk.

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