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My Goldschmidt

Role functions

Abstract Submission Information

In summary

  • Each author may be the presenting author of only one standard abstract
  • Exceptions: Keynote and medalist speakers may present a second abstract. All authors may also present a second abstract in theme 14: Outreach and Education
  • The Abstract Deadline is March 29th (23:59 CET)
  • A non-refundable fee of 100€ is due for every abstract
  • Authors should ensure they use the downloadable MS Word template and the styles described here to prepare their abstracts
  • Abstracts may only be submitted online (not emailed or posted)
  • Abstracts may not exceed one page of the abstract template
  • Abstracts should be submitted in PDF format
  • The abstracts will be published in the Goldschmidt archive website, where they can be searched alongside all other Goldschmidt abstracts since 2000
  • Authors can edit their own files until the abstract deadline, after this an 18€ charge will be made by the conference for any changes made

Abstract Submission Instructions

Procedure and Schedule

Abstract submission to Goldschmidt2019 begins on 15th January 2019 and ends on 29th March 2019. The abstract submission fee (rate to be confirmed) must be paid in full by the abstract deadline. An extra 14 days will be allowed for bank transfers to be processed, these must reach the conference account by April 15th to allow abstract review and scheduling to take place.

Once all abstracts have been reviewed by the Goldschmidt2019 Science Committee authors of accepted abstracts will be notified.

Submission of an abstract means that the submission has been approved by all authors, and that the presenting author is committed to attending the meeting and presenting the work.

In previous years the Goldschmidt conference has offered an author proofing stage as part of the abstract submission process. This will no longer be offered, if authors require a change to be made to their files after the abstract deadline the conference will cover the costs of a change by making a charge of 18€. Authors will be asked to check their abstracts at submission and confirm approval of what is submitted for publication online after acceptance.

Preparing Your Abstract(s)

Authors must use the template (download by clicking here). This is a Microsoft Word file called Gold_template.doc into which authors may type or copy and paste their abstracts. Only the styles listed below should be used, as shown in the example abstract, which you may also download: Gold_abs_example.pdf.

Equations and tables may be included in abstracts, along with photos / figures.

A summary of styles (all are in the MS Word template):

  • Page and paragraph set-up: please adjust your wordprocessor's setting for US letter paper (8.5" x 11"), portrait orientation. The abstract (including any figures/photos) must not exceed one column of a two column page with these settings. Abstracts which do run over length may be rejected or truncated for publication.
  • Enter the title by clicking on the text and replacing it with your title. The title should be in title case, and does not need punctuation at the end. If a colon is used to indicate a sub-title please use an upper case letter following it.
  • Enter the authors' names in the next click-box. If there is more than one address for the authors, the names should be followed by a superscripted number to indicate the appropriate address.
  • Corresponding authors should be indicated with an asterisk (not superscript) and their email address presented in the address box as follows (*correspondence: schmidt@uni-fr.com)
  • Enter their addresses and email addresses in the next click-boxes. Email addresses should be typed in brackets. Insert or delete further address lines as required.
  • For section headers use the style SECTION HEADING (10 pt bold)
  • For text use the style BODY TEXT (9 pt plain). Citations should be indicated by a number in square brackets for example: [1].
  • Graphics: all figures must be in either PNG, GIF, TIFF or jpeg format. Please supply figures in at least a 300 dpi resolution. Very high resolution figures may be down-sampled for publication. Please ensure your image files do not include detail which will not be clear at resolutions below 150dpi and printed at 100% of size.
  • For references use the style REFERENCES (9 pt plain) and should be of the format: [1] Goldschmidt, Newton & Einstein (2007), Nature 25, 1888-1947. References should form a single paragraph.

Click here to download the Abstract Template

Submitting Your Abstract

Please submit your abstract online using the Abstract Submission Form. The submission form must be completed once for each submission, making sure to include the abstract title and author details. Authors should identify the session most appropriate to their paper, and their preferred presentation style (oral, poster, no preference).

You can upload either the MS Word version of your abstract or a PDF version. During submission a PDF version of your abstract will be displayed and you will be asked to confirm that what is displaying is the correct and final version of your abstract. Authors can make further changes to their submitted files themselves up until the abstract deadline. After April 1st any changes required can only be made by paying an 18€ editing fee. Once you have ensured all the details are correct, please press the Submit Abstract to Conference button.

On this page, click the 'choose file' button to select the file you wish to upload. We strongly recommend submitting in PDF format. However, if you choose to upload a .DOC format file it will be converted to a PDF once you upload it. Once you have chosen your file press the 'Upload button'.

If you chose to upload a .DOC it will be converted on the following page. This process may take up to a minute during busy times, please do not close or refresh the page during until the conversion is complete.

The details of your abstract will then be displayed. A viewing window is provided below so that you may review the PDF before submission.

Once you are happy with you have rechecked your abstract details and content that the PDF is correct please click 'Submit abstract to conference' at the bottom of the page. By clicking the Submit Abstract button you are confirming that you have checked the PDF file of your abstract on behalf of all the authors and it is ready for publication after the abstract deadline. An editing charge of 18€ will be due for any changes required after submission.

After submitting your abstract you will be emailed with a reference number for your submission. Please keep this email as you will need this number should you wish to contact us regarding your abstract.

Click here for the Abstract submission Form

Editing Your Submitted Abstract

The submitting author may edit any previously submitted details for their abstract, or upload a changed abstract file as follows:

  1. Make sure you are signed in to the website. After submitting your abstract you will receive an email with a link to click on to sign in.
  2. Click on the "My Purchases" link in the side menu under the "My Goldschmidt" section of the top menu.
  3. Click "[Edit details]" next to the title of the abstract you wish to change.

Editing is only available until the abstract deadline.


As part of the conference outreach program the Geochemical Society plans to issue a series of press releases about the abstracts presented at the conference. In order to have impact these abstracts should be breakthrough science and be likely to capture the imagination of those working in science outside geochemistry or even your teenage self. If you think your abstract contains suitable material and all the authors agree to take part in this process, then please check the Newsworthy box as part of submission. If your abstract is selected, the Press team will contact you to take this further.

Submission Permission

By submitting your abstract with the author listing you provide you agree that all authors have given approval of this submission. Please do not list authors who have not approved submission. If we are contacted by an author on your list who has not given permission, the abstract will be cancelled and the submission fee cannot be refunded.

Copyright and Data Protection

When you submit your abstract it will be assumed that you grant non-exclusive copyright for your abstract in all media to White Iron Conferences Ltd, and that you consent for any information you supply to be recorded in the Goldschmidt2019 conference database. Please click here for further information on copyright and data protection issues.

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