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Paul E. Olsen is currently the Storke Memorial Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Olsen’s overall research focus is on the evolution of continental ecosystems, especially the pattern, causes and effects of climate change on geological time scales on lacustrine and other continental ecosystems, mass extinctions, and the effects of evolutionary innovations on biogeochemical cycles. He is best known for being the lead investigator on the Newark basin coring project (NBCP) that involved the drilling and analysis of 22,600 feet of core from 199 to 232 million-year-old lake strata to understand the influence of variations of the earth's orbit on climate and continental strata in general. This work has served as a widely applied template for the hydrogeology and naturally occurring contaminants of the Newark basin. Olsen has 43 years research and field experience in these strata in total. Other projects include: 1) analysis of the mass extinction 201 million years ago that set up dinosaurian dominance; 2) excavations at major fossil vertebrate sites throughout North America and Morocco; and 3) the evolutionary events mediating the carbon cycle and climate change. He is the author of over 155 papers and 170 abstracts and has appeared in numerous documentaries on the history of life, climate, and environmental change. Olsen’s leadership has been demonstrated as lead PI on large-scale scientific projects, including the ongoing Colorado Plateau Coring Project as well as the completed NBCP, and chair of extramural, departmental review committees, and as panel member on National Research Council reports on major national research efforts.

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