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    The Goldschmidt2018 program

  • Venue

    All about the venue and city

  • Exhibition

    Information for and about exhibitors and sponsors

  • My Goldschmidt

    My program, purchases, connections, etc.




  • Early Career Events

    The Early career event program provides opportunities for less senior scientists to network and learn from volunteers from the community.

  • Field Trips

    Pre- and post-conference field trips

  • Socials

    Details of the upcoming social events at Goldschmidt2018

  • Workshops

    Pre-conference workshops


  • Budget Accommodation

    Accommodation in student halls at Boston University

  • Conference Locations

    Offsite locations for various events

  • Hotels

    The conference has special rates at several hotels in close proximity to the Hynes Convention Center. We encourage you to book early, as there are a limited number of rooms available.




My Goldschmidt

Role functions

Program Structure

The table below shows how the sessions are arranged throughout the whole conference. Hovering over a block will display the title of the session, clicking on a column heading will show an overview of that day, and clicking on a session number will take you to the complete listing for that session. The complete list of themes and sessions can be found here.

Poster sessions

Monday 17:15 - 19:15 02b 02e 03a 03f 03g 04d 04j 05d 05h 06a 06g 07c 08l 09d 09g 09j 10h 10m 11a 12c 12e 13d 13f 13h 13l
Tuesday 17:15 - 19:15 01c 01h 01i 02d 02g 03i 03j 03l 04h 05b 05f 05m 06e 07j 07l 08b 08d 09a 09m 10a 10b 10e 11f 12a 12f 13j 13k 14a
Wednesday 17:15 - 19:15 03b 03d 04g 05a 05e 05i 05k 06h 06m 06o 07a 07b 07f 07i 08c 08e 10d 10l 11c 11d 13b 13c 13e 13i
Thursday 17:15 - 19:15 01b 01f 02a 02c 03e 04i 05g 06b 06c 06j 08a 08i 09f 09i 10f 11b 11g 12b 12d 13g 13m

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